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Fireworks are defined as a low explosive pyrotechnic device. In the State of Oregon, the sale and display of fireworks are regulated by the Oregon State Fire Marshal, specifically the Regulatory Services Division – Licensing and Permits Unit. 

Illegal fireworks should be reported to your local law enforcement agency via their non-emergency number.  

Below you will find links to the various information and services offered by our agency. 

Should you have any questions, please contact us at  OSFM.LP@OSFM.Oregon.Gov


  • Legal fireworks in the State of Oregon include but are not limited to, novelty devices, wheels, flitter sparklers, fountains, smoke devices, and ground spinners.  
  • The legal sale of retail fireworks in Oregon is from June 23rd to July 6th 
  • There is no regulation pertaining to when consumer legal fireworks may be used. Please be courteous of your neighbors and friends. 
  • There are restrictions as to where fireworks can be used, such as beaches and federal lands. Always check with the local jurisdictions. See the fireworks education page. 
  • Illegal fireworks include but are not limited to sky lanterns, missiles, rockets, firecrackers, cherry bombs, m-80s, Roman candles, and bottle rockets.  
  • Should you wish to report the firing of illegal pyrotechnic devices, please contact your local law enforcement via their non-emergency number.
  • If you would like to request information about issued permits on a specific location, please submit a Public Records Request 
  • For assistance in disposing of your leftover or unwanted fireworks, call your local law enforcement via their non-emergency number or the Oregon State Police non-emergency number at 1-800-452-7888. 

Local jurisdictions may further regulate the sale and use of fireworks in their areas.  

Always check with your local jurisdiction for the legal use of fireworks in your area.


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If you have questions please email us at OSFM.LP@OSFM.Oregon.Gov