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Public Records Requests

Resources and Readily Available Information

Making a Public Records Request

Choose a method to request public records:

  1. Complete your request using our online request form.
  2. Print a Request Form and mail the completed request to this address:
    Oregon State Fire Marshal
    Attn: Agency Records Officer
    3991 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE
    Salem, OR 97302

Requests must be received in writing. Please consider submitting your request using the online submission form to ensure the most expedient processing. Other methods of submission will take longer to process.

Processing the Request

After receiving your request, the department will acknowledge receipt within five business days. You will be notified if a fee is associated with your request or if there are additional requirements for accessing reports that meet the criteria below for sensitive or confidential. If fees are required, records will be provided after payment is received. If no fees are required, the records will be provided as soon as they have been prepared.

Sensitive reports

Sensitive information includes hazardous substances with a hazard classification of explosive, radioactive, poisonous gas or material and etiological/biological. This information is not available through CHS Manager but can be released through a records request. It requires verification of your identity and must be specifically requested.

Confidential reports

Certain information reported by facilities is confidential in compliance with ORS 453.332 (4) and not released to the public, this includeds Trade Secrets. It is available to first responders and other agencies for emergency planning and preparedness.

Confidential information includes:

  • Exact amount of hazardous substances stored (this information is provided to the public in ranges)
  • Storage location of hazardous substances
  • Trade Secret substances

Calculating fees

The OSFM may charge fees for fulfilling public records requests according to the Statewide Policy on Public Records Requests Fees and Charges

The OSFM has established fees reasonably calculated to reimburse it for the actual cost of making the public records available. If the cost estimate is more than $25, the department will send the requestor a written cost estimate before proceeding with the request. Payment can be made by check or money order.

The following is a list of charges that are standard throughout the department:

Staff member time

The department waives fees for a minimum of 30 minutes of staff member time required to locate, produce, redact, or otherwise provide records. The hourly rate charged for additional staff member time is based on the level of skill or expertise required to complete the work performed.

  • Clerical: $25 per hour (administrative, office specialists, other support staff members).
  • Managerial: $40 per hour (program managers, public information officers).
  • Professional: $75 per hour (information technology, human resources, high-level analyst).
  • DOJ, special attorney, and other applicable legal fees: At the actual hourly rate charged for public records request-related services. Fees are subject to statutory limitations described in ORS 192.324(4)(b).

Waiving fees

The department will evaluate requests to reduce or waive fees on a case-by-case basis. It will consider the cost of producing the information and whether making the records available primarily benefits the general public. A person who believes that there has been an unreasonable denial of a fee waiver or fee reduction may petition the Attorney General or the district attorney in the same manner as a petition when public record inspection is denied under ORS 192.410 to 192.505.

Production of Records

Records are typically provided in electronic format, most commonly via email. If you would like the records provided in one of the formats listed below or in a printed hard copy, please indicate that in your request. Costs for these formats are indicated below. 

Based on current State of Oregon printing and distribution price list.
Media (CD, DVD, flash drive)
Based on statewide price agreement with Office Max.
Based on current postage rates.