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Social Media Kits

Help Spread the Word of Wildfire Prevention

Help the OSFM share the important messages of outdoor fire prevention and defensible space. Our office has created a social media kit for you to use! Click the images below to download and share on your social media channels. Also included in the kit are suggested social media posts. 

Click on the "suggested posts" to open a PDF to copy and paste.

Button that says Defensible Space Graphics Button that says Fire-Resistant Plant Graphics

Bigfoot Graphics

Suggested Posts
Suggested Posts - Spanish


Bigfoot - Believe in Fire Safety.jpgBigfoot - Cooking Fires.jpgBigfoot - Debris Burning.jpg
Bigfoot - Outdoor Fires.jpgBigfoot - Prevent Outdoor Fires.jpgBigfoot - Tow Chains.jpg 









Defensible Space Graphics

Suggested Posts 

IMAGE_ Clean Gutters.jpg IMAGE_ Don't forget the others.jpg IMAGE_ Fire resistant plants.jpg IMAGE_ Firescape It.jpg IMAGE_ Give them some space.jpg IMAGE_ Hidden dangers.jpg IMAGE_ Lean, Clean & Green.jpg 

IMAGE_ Clean Gutters (SPANISH).jpg IMAGE_ Don't forget the others (SPANISH).jpg IMAGE_ Fire resistant plants (SPANISH).jpg IMAGE_ Firescape It (SPANISH).jpg IMAGE_ Give them some space (SPANISH).jpg IMAGE_ Hidden dangers (SPANISH).jpg IMAGE_ Lean, Clean & Green (SPANISH).jpg 

Fire-Resistant Plant Graphics

Suggested Posts 
Suggested Posts in Spanish

IMAGE_ Carol Mackie.jpg IMAGE_ Coneflower.jpg IMAGE_ Crabapple.jpg IMAGE_ Iceplant.jpg IMAGE_ Mockorange.jpg IMAGE_ Ponderosa Pine.jpg IMAGE_ Salvia.jpg 

IMAGE_ Carol Mackie (SPANISH).jpg IMAGE_ Coneflower (SPANISH).jpg IMAGE_ Crabapple (SPANISH).jpg IMAGE_ Iceplant (SPANISH).jpg IMAGE_ Mockorange (SPANISH).jpg IMAGE_ Ponderosa Pine (SPANISH).jpg IMAGE_ Salvia (SPANISH).jpg