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Liquefied Petroleum Gas

The Department of Oregon State Fire Marshal regulates the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) industry in the state of Oregon through the Regulatory Services Division (RSD).  The LPG unit in this division employs Compliance Specialists and support office staff members to help accomplish this.  

The Compliance Specialists regularly perform inspections on LPG tank installations throughout the state of Oregon.  These inspections are done at random each month in select counties.  Completed inspections ensure that LPG tank installations are being done safely and in accordance with the Oregon Fire Code. 

The Regulatory Services Division also has support staff that process licensing, exam applications and documentation for companies and installations.  

 Please see below for more specific information relating to these tasks. Call or email our office with additional questions not addressed here at 503-934-8272 or emailing

Oregon Laws and Rules Related to LPG

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 480.410 through 480.460

Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 837-030-0100 through 837-030-0280

Probationary Status, On-The-Job Training

On-the-job training requires the supervision of a licensed fitter or truck equipment operator. The 60 training days are work days. 

You must receive on-the-job training, pass the written license exam, and obtain the license by the end of the 60 days or stop doing liquefied petroleum gas work.


Company License

A one-year license is $130 and requires completing an exam. Each business site must:

  • Obtain a company license prior to conducting business at the site
  • Have a company representative unique to that site
  • The company representative must pass an exam prior to the company license issue (requires OAR, ORS, and NFPA 58)

Master Fitter License

A two-year license is $60.

Individuals who perform the following must obtain this license:

  • Liquefied petroleum gas work
  • Installing liquefied petroleum gas tanks
  • Repairing equipment using liquefied petroleum gas
  • Connecting or disconnecting liquefied petroleum gas to tanks and other appliances
  • Completing repairs on liquefied petroleum gas equipment or appliances
  • Repairing or remodeling piping or venting, or any installation or repair service
  • Connecting or disconnecting any liquefied petroleum gas appliance

You must be working for a licensed company. (Requires OAR, ORS, NFPA 54, and NFPA 58)

Heating, Venting, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Fitter License

A two-year license is $60 and requires completion of exam.

If performing liquefied petroleum gas work on HVAC equipment, including hearth products, you must obtain an HVAC fitter license. You must be working for a licensed company. (Requires OAR, ORS, NFPA 54, and NFPA 58)

Internal Combustion Fitter License

A two-year license is $60 and requires completion of an exam. You must be working for a licensed company. (Requires OAR, ORS, and NFPA 58)

Truck Equipment Operator License

A two-year license is $60 and requires completion of an exam and a truck equipment operator license. You must be working for a licensed company. (Requires OAR, ORS, NFPA 54, and NFPA 58)

LPG Licensed Companies and Employees in Oregon

Updated 5/15/2023

Company List

Employee List

Key to License Type

  • MF = Master Fitter
  • T = Truck Equip Operator
  • FH = HVAC Fitter
  • C = Company Rep
  • FI = IC Fitter

Scheduling an Exam  

 Exams are online. Follow the steps below to gain access to the exams.   

Step 1  

Print and complete the LPG exam application. Mail the completed application and $55 fee to:  

     Oregon State Fire Marshal  

     Regulatory Services Division – LPG Program  

     PO Box 4395 Unit 09  

     Portland OR, 97208-4395  

Step 2 

The applicant will receive an email from OSFM.LP@OSFM.Oregon.Gov

Follow the link in the email to set up your account. Once the account has been set up correctly, please respond to the email letting us know the account has been created.  


Step 3 

We will then assign your exam and notify you via email. 

Step 4  

Once you complete the exam, save a copy of the completion certificate.  

A passing grade is 80% or higher.  

If you do not pass, you will need to reapply with a new application and fee.  

Step 5

Complete the LPG fitter/truck equipment operator license application and mail it with the appropriate fees.  

Once our office receives the application and fees, you will receive the new licenses by email.  


Examination Study Tools

Sample Questions

Study materials may be used during the exam. Acceptable study materials include:

  • Oregon Revised Statutes 480.410 through 480.460
  • Oregon Administrative Rules 837-030-0100 through 837-030-0280
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) National Fuel Gas Code 54, latest edition
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) LP Gas Code 58, latest edition
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard on Recreational Vehicles 1192, latest edition

The OSFM does not provide copies of NFPA 54, 58, or 1192. They may be purchased from any of the vendors below or any source the applicant chooses:

License Application and Renewal

When the exam for the license requested is passed, the applicant must complete the application below and submit it to the Office of State Fire Marshal with the appropriate fee.

The applications and fees shown are for new companies, fitters, and truck equipment operator licenses only.

Company License Application (new company only)

Fitter & Truck Equipment Operator License Application (new only)

To renew a license, use the renewal notice sent to your company. If the renewal notice cannot be located, a duplicate copy may be obtained by calling 503-934-8272 or emailing OSFM.LP@OSFM.OREGON.GOV.

Tank Installation Reporting Requirements

A $50 notice fee shall accompany each tank reported. If the total water capacity of multiple tanks reported at one site does not exceed 200 gallons, only one fee of $50 must be submitted is required, but each tank must still be reported on a separate forms. 

Propane companies are required to notify the Oregon State Fire Marshal of all liquefied petroleum gas tank installations. The notification must be submitted no later than the last day of the month following the month of installation. Example: All tanks set in February must be reported no later than March 31. The notification must be postmarked with a U.S. postmark no later than the last day of the month, or a late fee is assessed. Each tank installed must be submitted on a separate LPG Tank Installation Notice Form.

If the liquefied petroleum gas tank was installed underground, an Underground LPG Tank Installation Worksheet must be submitted with the LPG Tank Installation Notice Form which provides detailed information on the installation of the underground tank.

A Notice of Installation of LPG Tank Summary Sheet must accompany the tank installation notices submitted for the month. Each tank installed shall be reported on an Office of State Fire Marshal LPG Tank Installation Notice Form.

Tank Inspections

Tank installations are inspected to ensure tanks are properly installed to protect homeowners and businesses from hazards to life and property, and to ensure the requirements of NFPA 58 (Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code), NFPA 54 (National Fuel Gas Code), and the Oregon Fire Code (OFC), are met. 

If a deficiency is identified during the inspection, a Notice and Order of Correction is issued to the company that installed the tank, providing an opportunity for the correction of the deficiency. 

Once the company notifies the inspector the deficiency is corrected, the tank may be re-inspected to ensure compliance. Questions regarding the installation of a tank may be directed to the company who installed the tank or to the Oregon State Fire Marshal's Office at 503-302-8029

Bulk Storage Sites

Sites with bulk storage of propane are required to be inspected annually. Any changes to the bulk site, including but not limited to the installation of one or more additional tanks, removal of one or more tanks, and closure of the site shall be reported to the Office of State Fire Marshal in writing within two weeks of the change.

Any change or addition of any size tank to the bulk site shall require the submission of plans to the Technical Services Unit of the Office of State Fire Marshal.

You may contact the Codes and Technical Services Unit at 503-934-8204 or

Application to Install Liquefied Petroleum Gas Containers

Delivery Unit Tanks

Inspection fees are $45 per delivery unit inspected.

Delivery unit tanks may be inspected annually and shall be made readily available for inspection after notification by the Oregon State Fire Marshal.

Educational Materials & Brochures

 Call or email our office with additional questions not addressed here 

503-934-8272 or emailing OSFM.LP@OSFM.OREGON.GOV.