Oregon LSTA Grants Funded in 2000

1) Impact of School Library Media Centers on Academic Achievement

The Oregon Educational Media Association will implement a study to measure the impact of Oregon school library media centers on academic achievement. Grant amount: $40,780

2) Ten County Regional Library System Governance Simulation

Under Eastern Oregon Library Association's grant the governance of a ten county regional library will be simulated as part of a ground-breaking planning effort for improved library service. Grant amount: $80,700

3) Reaching Out to Children

The Deschutes County Library District will purchase a KidMobile to reach out and bring the library to county children who would otherwise be unable to use the library. Grant amount: $151,000

4) La Biblioteca de Silver Falls: Un Programa para la Comunidad Hispano hablante

The Silver Falls Library District will develop expanded service to their Hispanic community by purchasing Spanish language books and videos, assembling Spanish language story time kits, and arranging for transportation to story times. Grant amount: $48,770

5) Start-up Support for Josephine County Juvenile Justice Library

The Josephine County Library System will work with the county Juvenile Justice Center to establish a library of reading materials for youth in protective custody. Grant amount: $10,500

6) Community Literacy Program

The Baker County Library District will form a partnership of eight local agencies to coordinate literacy services through a public library-based community literacy network. Grant amount: $30,875

7) Books for Special Needs

The Umatilla Public Library will establish an outreach program to deliver reading materials to senior citizens and persons with disabilities who can't visit the library. Grant amount: $9,000

8) The Siuslaw "Compute to Compete" Career Center

The Siuslaw Public Library District will provide unemployed persons and displaced workers with a computer center in the library to use materials to prepare them for entry or re-entry into the workplace. Grant amount: $11,700

9) Talk It Up! Book Discussion Groups for Kids

The Multnomah County Library will focus on reading promotion by increasing book discussion groups in the local schools and branch libraries, and creating an interactive Internet resource for librarians, educators, and children about book discussion programs for youth. Grant amount: $62,147

10) Salem 2000 Online Encyclopedia

The Salem Public Library will develop an online encyclopedia of Salem's history, institutions, key events, and culture and make it available over the World WideWeb. Grant amount: $35,500

11) Polk Cooperative History Project

The Monmouth Public Library, on behalf of 4 participating Polk County libraries, will coordinate the Polk Cooperative History Project to give the public increased access to historical resources through activities designed to profile and assist in searching the libraries' history collections. Grant amount: $34,160

Grants under the new LSTA Library Benchmark Grant program were awarded to Agness Library District ($6,679), Jefferson County Library ($50,358), Warrenton Community Library ($22,800), and Eastern Oregon Library Association ($125,000 benefiting 11 public libraries). These 18-month grants will assist the libraries in meeting the minimum service criteria of the library benchmark in the Oregon Benchmarks.

In addition, grants to the five Oregon Reference LINK centers will continue the statewide program of reference referral service. The grants are to: Eastern Oregon University's Pierce Library for the Eastern Oregon Information Network ($34,975), Deschutes County Library for Central-Oregon North Information Network ($28,950), Oregon State University's Valley Library for Northwest LINK ($41,340), Multnomah County Library ($60,130), and Jackson County Library Service for Southern Oregon Libraries Information Cooperative ($43,000).