Oregon LSTA Grants Funded in 2001

1. Falls City School District #57, Lighted Libraries Public Access Project

This grant, anticipated to be a three-year project, will develop a combined public and high school library in a rural Oregon community where the city public library had closed. Grant amount: $58,438

2. Independence Public Library and others, Spanish Language Parenting Materials

This grant will create quality core Spanish language parenting collections, and implement parenting workshops in five public libraries serving higher percentages of Spanish-speaking library users. Grant amount: $22,150

3. Libraries of Eastern Oregon, LEO Governance Simulation, Year 2

This second year grant of a proposed three year project will continue efforts in 11 Eastern Oregon counties to improve library services through simulating a new governance model for public library services that will be evaluated for future sustainability. Grant amount: $83,500

4. Literary Arts, 2000 Oregon Book Awards Author Tour

This grant will give readers who live in smaller, rural Oregon communities the opportunity to celebrate great Oregon writing, by bringing the 2000 Oregon Book Award finalists and winners to libraries and bookstores. Grant amount: $10,500

 5. Multnomah County Library, Talk It Up! Book Discussion, Year 2

This second year grant will expand book discussion groups for youth at county schools, libraries, and community centers by increasing the book discussion collection, developing new book discussion guides, enhancing the volunteer assistant program, and updating the interactive Talk it Up! web resource for librarians, educators, and youth. Grant amount: $65,437

6. Multnomah County Library, Acceso a Informacion Para Todos

This grant will enrich services to Spanish-speaking library users by researching best practices for delivering electronic information services to persons speaking Spanish, enhancing the library's LIBROS web resource, and sharing best practices information with state and national libraries. Grant amount: $45,620

7. Multnomah County Library, The Public Library's Role in Student Success

This grant will respond to the need for improved school library services by studying best practices nationally and locally for the role of the public library in supporting student success, gathering information about local school libraries, analyzing data, and collaboratively designing strategies to implement. Grant amount: $94,197

8. Newberg Public Library, Toddler Totes

This grant will develop themed backpacks with preschool appropriate library materials, including "Brain Building Activity Sheets," providing ease of check-out for busy parents and caregivers, as well as quick subject access. Grant amount: $22,100

9. Oregon Health Sciences University, OHSU Migration to Innovative Interfaces/Membership in ORBIS

This grant will assist the library in migrating from its present integrated library system to the III system in order to enable OHSU to participate in the academic statewide consortium, Orbis. Grant amount: $312,027

10. Portland State University Library, Building PSU Library Technology Capacity for Orbis Membership

This grant will assist the library in migrating from its present integrated library system to the III system in order to enable PSU to participate in the academic statewide consortium, Orbis. Grant amount: $285,363

11. Salem Public Library, Salem 2000 Online Encyclopedia, Year 2

This second year grant will continue to consolidate and index information about the local community from history books, newspapers, biographies, diaries, journals, documents, photos, and film into a web-based encyclopedia that will also be distributed on CD-ROM. Grant amount: $35,900

12. Silver Falls Library District, Public Library District Feasibility Study: Marion County

This grant will obtain consulting assistance to study the feasibility of various special library district options that may be viable alternatives to the current governance of public libraries in Marion County. Grant amount: $60,500

13. Umatilla Public Library, After School Program

This grant will establish an After School program that provides resources complementing the school curriculum, and recreational learning activities in a small community with few youth-oriented services. Grant amount: $18,400

14. Wilsonville Public Library, ESL Project

This grant will support existing literacy services in the community by increasing the library's collection of English as a Second Language instructional materials, and by emphasizing the library's role as a referral agency and tutoring site. Grant amount: $1,750

15. Oregon Reference LINK Centers

Grants to five libraries to serve as reference referral centers for other Oregon libraries. Grant amount: $199,098