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Oregon Library Laws - Revised Statutes
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Oregon Revised Statutes
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The Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) are the official laws of Oregon, debated and approved by the Oregon Legislative Assembly and signed by the Governor.
This section includes statutes governing the operation and management of libraries around the state, including chapter 357 (Libraries; Archives; Poet Laureate), chapter 198 (Special Districts), chapter 451 (County Service Districts), and chapter 255 (District Elections).  Several other chapters include provisions affecting libraries, such as public libraries' exemption from obscenity laws found in chapter 167 (Offenses Against Public Health, Decency, Animals).
NOTE:  We have included below excerpts from the statutes that affect various types of libraries: public, school, academic, tribal, and others.  In compiling these texts, we tried to include only those sections directly relevant to libraries.  Please note that, in many cases, we have not included the full text of the statutes.  If you are interested in reading the entire text of the Oregon Revised Statutes, please visit them online.  Also keep in mind that the official copy of the ORS is the printed published copy. The text on this site and in the ORS the database is not the official text of Oregon law.

Oregon Revised Statutes

Libraries (ORS Chapter 357)
State Library
ORS 357.001-357.212
     Policy and Definitions
ORS 357.001-357.004
     Duties, Powers, and LocationORS 357.005-357.007
     TrusteesORS 357.010.357.040
     State LibrarianORS 357.050-357.071
     Public DocumentsORS 357.090.357.105
     FinancesORS 357.195.357.203
     GrantsORS 357.206-357.212
Library Districts ORS 357.216-357.286
     GenerallyORS 357.216
     FormationORS 357.221-357.223
     Governing BoardsORS 357.226-357.256
     PowersORS 357.261
     FinancesORS 357.266-357.276
     MiscellaneousORS 357.281-357.286
Interstate Library Compact ORS 357.330-357.370
Public Libraries ORS 357.400-357.621
     GenerallyORS 357.400-357.410
     FormationORS 357.417
     FinancesORS 357.430-357.460
     Governing BoardsORS 357.465-357.490
     MiscellaneousORS 357.520-357.621
Ready to Read Grants ORS 357.740-357.780
Detaining Library PropertyORS 357.975-357.990

Special Districts (ORS Chapter 198)
GenerallyORS 198.010-198.320
Dissolution of Inactive DistrictsORS 198.335-198.365
Recall of Districts OfficersORS 198.410-198.440
Ordinances and RegulationsORS 198.510-198.600
MiscellaneousORS 198.605-198.611
Creating or Altering DistrictsORS 198.705-198.955
     GenerallyORS 198.705-198.794
     FormationORS 198.795-198.845
     AnnexationORS 198.850-198.869
     WithdrawalORS 198.870-198.882
     Merger and ConsolidationORS 198.885-198.915
     DissolutionORS 198.920-198.955

County Service Districts (ORS Chapter 451) 
GenerallyORS 451.010
County Master PlansORS 451.110-451.140
Service DistrictsORS 451.410-451.990
     GenerallyORS 451.410-451.420
     Creating or Altering DistrictsORS 451.435-451.472
     Governing Boards & ReferendaORS 451.485-451.487
     FinancesORS 451.490-451.547
     PowersORS 451.550
     MiscellaneousORS 451.555-451.990
District Elections (ORS Chapter 255) 
GenerallyORS 255.005-255.095
Initiative and ReferendumORS 255.115-255.215
NominationsORS 255.235-255.245
Conduct of ElectionsORS 255.275-255.305
Election DatesORS 255.325-255.345

Other Statutes
     Property Tax Exemption for LibrariesORS 307.160
     Community College Districts Tax  LimitsORS 310.156
     State Aid for Community College DistrictsORS 341.660
State Library
     State Legislature PublicationsORS 171.200-171.206
     State Librarian and Economic InterestORS 244.050
Intellectual Freedom 
     Freedom of Speech and PressConstitution, Art. 1, Sec. 8
     Child PornographyORS 163.665-163.695
     Sound and Video RecordingsORS 164.864-164.875
     ObscenityORS 167.060-167.100
Public Records 
     Library Records Exempt from DisclosureORS 192.502
     State Budget ReportsORS 291.218 & 291.222
     County and Municipal Financial ReportsORS 294.250
     Hazardous Substance ReportsORS 453.342
Law Libraries
     GenerallyORS 009.760-009.850
     AdministrationORS 008.125
     Tax Breaks for Library TelecommunicationsORS 285C.533 & 315.511
     State Internet Access ProgramORS 291.038
     Connecting Oregon Communities FundORS 759.445
School Libraries & Educational Media
     "Instruction" DefinedORS 342.120