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Oregon Library Laws - Administrative Rules - Connectivity: SOEN
Oregon Administrative Rules
Chapter 125 - Department of Administrative Services

(1) The "State of Oregon Enterprise Network" ("SOEN") is the State's "Advanced Digital Communications ("ADC") Network" that provides for the transmission of voice, data, image and video over distance on a single network. SOEN is a backbone network consisting of high capacity switching devices and transmission facilities providing shared communication paths for clusters of dispersed users. SOEN is comprised of switched services procured from telecommunications providers and provisioned on devices and facilities that are generally available to the public and other customers.
(2) "Department of Administrative Services" ("DAS") means the state agency that is authorized to acquire ADC network services for the provision of SOEN pursuant to ORS 283.500 to 283.520 and 291.038.
(3) "Eligible Purchasers" include the entities eligible under:
(a) The Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Program ("ORCPP") which includes:
(A) Cities, Counties, School Districts, Special Districts, or Other Units of Local Government;
(B) U.S. Government Agencies;
(C) Indian Tribes or Agencies;
(D) Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities ("QRF");
(E) Residential Programs;
(F) Certain Qualified Public Benefit Corporations; and
(b) "Communities of Interest" approved in accordance with Oregon Administrative Rules 125-400-0000 through 125-400-0060.
(4) "E-Rate" means a program administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company to make discounted telecommunications and Internet services available to classrooms or other places of instruction at schools and libraries that meet the federal statutory definition of an eligible institution.
(5) "Telecommunications Systems" mean devices, components, facilities and applications that provide telecommunications services for the state and its agencies and enable the aggregation and transmission of voice, video or data between and among state agency users. Telecommunications Systems include gateway devices that enable clusters of users to access SOEN for the purpose of transmitting voice, data, image or video over distance. Telecommunications Systems may include gateway devices used to connect to private telecommunications networks or the Internet.
Objectives of State of Oregon Enterprise Network
In planning for, acquiring, implementing and managing SOEN, the Department of Administrative Services shall be guided by the following objectives:
(1) SOEN shall provide high quality, reliable, and advanced digital communications network services for subscribing state agencies and Eligible Purchasers at the best value.
(2) SOEN shall be based upon a very high-capacity, high speed network that will enable service provisioning to all state agencies and Eligible Purchasers.
(3) SOEN shall be capable of delivering point-to-point or multipoint video for distance education and training to subscribing state agencies and Eligible Purchasers.
(4) SOEN shall have sufficient capacity to support the voice, video, and data transport requirements of state agencies and Eligible Purchasers.
(5) DAS shall not construct, install, operate or maintain SOEN.
(6) DAS may construct, install, operate or maintain Telecommunications Systems and shall coordinate the consolidation and operation of all Telecommunications Systems used by the state and state agencies.
(7) DAS will use agency service charges to acquire and improve SOEN services as needed. This will enhance the economic value of the advanced digital communications network infrastructure in Oregon.
(8) When feasible, SOEN may interconnect other publicly-owned, available and proven communications networks.
(9) When economically feasible, SOEN may interconnect existing State of Oregon wide area network services and Telecommunications Systems and regional networks established by Eligible Purchasers.
(10) The SOEN service providers' shall be responsible for all administrative and management functions necessary to operate SOEN at the required levels of service.
(11) To the extent feasible, SOEN shall enable the State of Oregon to obtain full period interactive monitoring, deployment configuration, and network segment management across the entire network.
(12) SOEN services shall be provided using state-of-the-art technology where economically and technically feasible. The SOEN service provider shall be responsible for the costs, labor and necessary equipment upgrades to make SOEN state-of-the-art.
(13) SOEN services may be provided by a single entity or a consortium of service providers. The prime contractor in any consortium shall be responsible for the performance of the obligations required by the SOEN purchase agreement.
(14) On behalf of participating schools or libraries, DAS may make application to the Universal Service Administrative Company to obtain E-Rate discounts on those eligible SOEN services. Applicable services include, but are not limited to:
(a) Inter-LATA services;
(b) Intra-LATA services;
(c) Dedicated Internet access;
(d) Dial-up Internet access statewide; and
(e) Integrated services for routers and digital service units.
Procurement of Telecommunications or Data Transport Services
The development and procurement of telecommunications or data transport services by the Department of Administrative Services shall be guided by the following standards:
(1) DAS may procure telecommunications services and data transport, including SOEN services, from a single entity or a number of service providers to allow greater competition in the marketplace.
(2) Prior to the procurement of any telecommunications or data transport services, the Department of Administrative Services may consult with the appropriate advisory entities established under ORS 291.038, state agencies, and any other affected public bodies or interest groups that have an interest in the use of the State's information resources.
(3) To the extent feasible, interim purchase of telecommunications or data transport services shall be guided by the objectives set forth in section 125-500-0005 of these rules and shall be compatible with eventual full procurement of the SOEN services. The Department of Administrative Services shall use the state purchasing process to procure telecommunications or data transport services.
(4) Telecommunications or data transport services, including SOEN services, or statewide integrated video conferencing and statewide on-line access services, may be extended to Eligible Purchasers.
(5) To the extent feasible, the award of any contract for telecommunications or data transport services by the Department of Administrative Services shall be based upon specifications and requirements that promote electronic communication and information sharing among state agencies and between state and local governments, and with the public where appropriate; and that are based upon industry standards for open systems to the extent possible. The Department of Administrative Services shall also consider, wherever feasible, the achievement of the economic development and quality of life outcomes in the Oregon benchmarks, as well as the promotion of competition in the marketplace for the provision of advanced digital communication networks, in the award of these contracts.