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Oregon Library Laws - Revised Statutes - Special Districts: Withdrawal
Oregon Revised Statutes
Chapter 198 - Special Districts Generally
198.870 Petition for withdrawal of property from district.
(a) When a plan for district improvements is adopted, or any time more than two years after the date of formation of a district or after the date of annexation of territory to a district if petitioner's property is located within the territory annexed, an owner of land included in a district may petition the county board for withdrawal of the property of the owner from the district.
(b) If the electors of an area within a district wish to withdraw from the district, they may file a petition with the county board.
(2) Petitioners shall cause notice of the petition filing to be given in writing to the district secretary. Within five days after the petition is filed, petitioners shall furnish the secretary with a copy of the petition as filed.
(3) Except as provided by ORS 198.875, ORS 198.800 to 198.820 apply to proceedings for withdrawal and to the rights, powers and duties of the petitioners and other persons having an interest in the proceeding.
(4) The county board may approve the petition as presented or it may adjust the boundaries and approve the petition. The petition shall be approved if it has not been, or is not or would not be, feasible for the territory described in the petition to receive service from the district. The petition shall be denied if it appears that it is, or would be, feasible for the territory described in the petition to receive service from the district.
198.875 Election on withdrawal petition.
(1) At the time and place set for the final hearing upon the withdrawal petition if the required number of written requests for an election on the proposed withdrawal have not been filed, the county board shall enter an order withdrawing the described area from the district.
(2) If the required number of requests for an election are filed on or before the final hearing, the county board shall call an election in the district upon the question of the withdrawal of the area.
(3) If an election is called and a majority of the votes cast at the election is in favor of the withdrawal of the designated area from the district, the county board shall enter an order withdrawing the area from the district. If the majority of the votes cast is against withdrawal, the county board shall enter an order declaring the results of the election. In either case, the county board shall cause a copy of the order to be filed with the secretary of the district.
198.880 Effect on withdrawn area. The described area withdrawn shall, from the date of entry of the order, be free from assessments and taxes levied thereafter by the district. However, the withdrawn area shall remain subject to any bonded or other indebtedness existing at the time of the order, except as provided by ORS 198.882. The proportionate share shall be based on the assessed valuation, according to the assessment roll in the year of the levy, of all the property contained in the district immediately prior to the withdrawal.
198.882 Tax relief to withdrawn area; conditions for relief; ultimate liability.
(1) The governing body of a district shall relieve an area withdrawn from the district from taxation for its proportionate share of outstanding bonded or other indebtedness if:
(a) No district services have been provided to the withdrawn area; and
(b) The area withdrawn does not exceed five percent of the equalized assessed valuation of the taxable property within the entire district prior to the withdrawal, as certified to the county assessor in the tax year of the withdrawal.
(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section, if the total unlimited taxing power of the district over the area not withdrawn from the district does not wholly satisfy the bonded or other indebtedness incurred prior to the withdrawal, the withdrawn territory shall be taxed in an amount sufficient to satisfy its proportionate share of that indebtedness.