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Oregon Library Laws - Revised Statutes - Elections: Election Dates
Oregon Revised Statutes
Chapter 255 - Special District Elections
255.325 Legislative intent to promote regularity of special district elections; rulemaking and enforcement by Secretary of State. The Secretary of State by rule shall require the districts that are not in compliance with ORS 255.335 to so comply. For this purpose, the rule may require adjusting or staggering terms of board members.
255.335 Regular district election; terms of board members; organizational meeting.
(1) The regular district election shall be held by each district for the purpose of electing members of the district board to succeed a member whose term expires the following June 30 and to elect members to fill any vacancy which then may exist. The election shall be held in each such district in each odd-numbered year on the third Tuesday in May.
(2) A district shall not conduct more than one election of board members in any year.
(3) The first regular district election in a district shall be held on the regular district election date next following the year in which the first members of the district board were elected or appointed.
(4) The term of a board member elected at the regular district election shall commence on the first day of July next following the election and shall expire June 30 next following the regular district election at which a successor is elected.
(5) Each district board shall hold a regular organizational meeting following the regular district election and not later than the last day of July of that year.
255.345 Special election dates.
(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, a special election called by a district elections authority shall not be held on any date other than:
(a) The second Tuesday in March;
(b) The third Tuesday in May;
(c) The third Tuesday in September; or
(d) The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.
(2) A special election may be held on a date other than that provided in subsection (1) of this section, if the district elections authority by resolution finds that an election sooner than the next available election date is required on a measure to finance repairs to property damaged by fire, vandalism or a natural disaster.
(3) As used in this section, "district elections authority" means the body or officer authorized or required to call an election for a public corporation formed under, and deriving its powers solely from, the statutes of this state, but does not include a city or county.