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Oregon Library Laws - Revised Statutes - County Service Districts: Master Plans
Oregon Revised Statutes
Chapter 451 - County Service Facilities
451.110 Definitions for ORS 451.110 to 451.140. As used in ORS 451.110 to 451.140, unless the context indicates otherwise:
(1) “County court” includes the board of county commissioners.
(2) “Service facilities” means public service installations, works or services provided within a county for any or all of the purposes specified in ORS 451.010.
451.120 Master plans for development of service facilities.
(1) The county court of any county may, for the protection of the health, safety and general welfare, prepare and adopt coordinated master plans for the development of service facilities:
(a) To serve unincorporated areas in the county; and
(b) For a service district established under ORS 451.410 to 451.600 and for which the county court serves as governing body, to serve all areas within or served by the district.
(2) Master plans adopted under this section shall be coordinated with the comprehensive plans of the affected cities and counties.
451.130 Conformity to master plan; approval. After a coordinated master plan has been adopted under ORS 451.120, the county court may enforce such plan by requiring that plans for the installation or operation of service facilities in areas under county jurisdiction outside the boundaries of cities or in areas within or served by a service district be submitted to the county court for approval, and that such installation or operation shall conform to the master plan.
451.140 Powers of county court under ORS 451.110 to 451.140. In carrying out the powers granted to the county court under ORS 451.110 to 451.140, the county court may:
(1) Conduct such surveys and investigations as may be necessary to develop coordinated master plans as provided in ORS 451.120.
(2) Provide for the administration and enforcement of such master plans by engineering analysis, inspection or other appropriate means.
(3) Enter into contracts or agreements with cities, other counties or county service districts for public transportation, the federal government, state agencies, the special districts enumerated in ORS 451.573 or any person or private corporation for a period not to exceed 30 years for the cooperative financing of the preparation and enforcement of coordinated master plans as provided in ORS 451.120 and 451.130.
(4) Levy and collect taxes for the purpose of providing funds to prepare and enforce coordinated master plans as provided in ORS 451.120 and 451.130.
(5) Expend funds for such surveys, investigations and studies as may be necessary for the preparation and enforcement of such master plans.