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Oregon Library Laws - Revised Statutes - Other Statutes: Connectivity
Oregon Revised Statutes
Chapter 285C - Economic Development III

285C.533 Performance standards for advanced telecommunications facilities; rules.
(1) The Economic and Community Development Department shall adopt rules setting minimum performance standards that facilities must meet to be certified as advanced telecommunications facilities. The rules must establish minimum performance standards in the following areas:
. . . .
(e) Improvement in access by public and private educational institutions, rural health clinics and libraries to advanced telecommunications services;
. . . .
(2) In order for facilities to be certified under ORS 285C.530, the facilities must meet or exceed the minimum performance standards in at least one of the areas set forth in subsection (1) of this section.

Chapter 315 - Personal and Corporate Income or Excise Tax Credits

315.511 Advanced telecommunications facilities.
(1) There shall be allowed a credit against the taxes otherwise due under ORS chapter 316 (or, if the taxpayer is a corporation, under ORS chapters 317 and 318) for advanced telecommunications facilities, as defined in ORS 285C.530, that have been certified by the Economic and Community Development Department.
(2) The amount of the credit shall equal 20 percent of the certified cost of the facilities that was actually paid or incurred by the taxpayer, except that:
. . . .
(b) Revenues forgone by the taxpayer upon the taxpayer’s waiver of installation charges for advanced telecommunications facilities to schools, rural health clinics or libraries may be added to the amount of the credit.
. . . .