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Oregon Library Laws - Revised Statutes - Other Statutes: Public Records
Oregon Revised Statutes
Chapter 192 - Records; Public Reports and Meetings
192.502 Other public records exempt from disclosure. The following public records are exempt from disclosure under ORS 192.410 to 192.505:
(1) Communications within a public body or between public bodies of an advisory nature to the extent that they cover other than purely factual materials and are preliminary to any final agency determination of policy or action. This exemption shall not apply unless the public body shows that in the particular instance the public interest in encouraging frank communication between officials and employees of public bodies clearly outweighs the public interest in disclosure.
(2) Information of a personal nature such as but not limited to that kept in a personal, medical or similar file, if public disclosure would constitute an unreasonable invasion of privacy, unless the public interest by clear and convincing evidence requires disclosure in the particular instance. The party seeking disclosure shall have the burden of showing that public disclosure would not constitute an unreasonable invasion of privacy.
(3) Public body employee or volunteer addresses, Social Security numbers, dates of birth and telephone numbers contained in personnel records maintained by the public body that is the employer or the recipient of volunteer services. This exemption:
(a) Does not apply to the addresses, dates of birth and telephone numbers of employees or volunteers who are elected officials, except that a judge or district attorney subject to election may seek to exempt the judge’s or district attorney’s address or telephone number, or both, under the terms of ORS 192.445;
(b) Does not apply to employees or volunteers to the extent that the party seeking disclosure shows by clear and convincing evidence that the public interest requires disclosure in a particular instance;
(c) Does not apply to a substitute teacher as defined in ORS 342.815 when requested by a professional education association of which the substitute teacher may be a member; and
(d) Does not relieve a public employer of any duty under ORS 243.650 to 243.782.
(4) Information submitted to a public body in confidence and not otherwise required by law to be submitted, where such information should reasonably be considered confidential, the public body has obliged itself in good faith not to disclose the information, and when the public interest would suffer by the disclosure.
. . . .
(8) Any public records or information the disclosure of which is prohibited by federal law or regulations.
(9) Public records or information the disclosure of which is prohibited or restricted or otherwise made confidential or privileged under Oregon law.
(10) Public records or information described in this section, furnished by the public body originally compiling, preparing or receiving them to any other public officer or public body in connection with performance of the duties of the recipient, if the considerations originally giving rise to the confidential or exempt nature of the public records or information remain applicable.
. . . .
(23) The records of a library, including:
(a) Circulation records, showing use of specific library material by a named person;
(b) The name of a library patron together with the address or telephone number of the patron; and
(c) The electronic mail address of a patron.

. . . .