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Statewide Database Licensing Advisory Committee
Minutes from March 5, 2004
Committee Members and State Library Staff Present: Barbara O'Neill, Aaron Munter, Lynda Larremore, Nadine Williams, Mary Finnegan, Daniel Peterson, Mary McClintock, Faye Chadwell, Patty Sorensen, Jim Scheppke, Denise Davis, Pam Horan, Val Vogt
Ex-officio Member from Orbis Cascade Alliance: Greg Doyle
Housekeeping, introductions, agenda review.
Barbara O'Neill welcomed the committee members and introductions were made.
Minutes review and approval:
Minutes were reviewed. On page 1 insert Data in the IPEDS reference. Item noted, Mary Finnegan moved to approve the minutes as corrected, Patty Sorensen seconded, unanimously approved.
Bylaws issues:
It was suggested that a subcommittee be formed to deal with committee bylaws issues. Those issues include:
Mission statement:
Relationship to LSTA Advisory Council.
Meeting procedures:
Rules for conducting meetings (Roberts Rules), Number of meetings each year in non-RFP years.
Committee membership issues:
Electing chair, Term of office of chair, Filling vacancies, LSTA Advisory Council suggested taking the person with the next highest number of votes; for Multnomah they suggested keeping someone from that library (not possible in 2004) (NOTE :PL serving 100K+ vacancy will be re-balloted in time for the LSTA AC to vote on it at the May meeting).
Program issues to be addressed
Program Participation issues:
Method/procedure for dealing with drop-outs, Non-compliance with ILL Code, payment late or violating vendor contract, etc., Washington libraries no longer participants. May be issue with faith-based libraries participating (OR Constitution and AG ruling needed/OSL)
Enrollment/program participation materials ILL Code, agreement of participation between library and OSL, signed license agreement per vendor requirements.
Cost sharing formula:
Proportion of costs shared by type of library, Wait for price proposals, OSL subsidy limited, Carry-over funds (over-charged to build cushion to cover payments).
Other issues:
Greg Doyle questioned the State Library's authority to hold the cushion of funds since BCR was no longer administering the program. Denise Davis stated that the State Library can hold these funds in a separate fund, and a discussion will be held to determine if the State Library will continue to collect additional funds in the future.
Additional issues include: Committee membership nomination process, License agreements, Circumstances to amend by-laws, Standing and ad/hoc committees, Quorums, Number of votes per member, Officers other than Chair, Dissolution of committee, Oregon Administrative Rule changes, define role of LSTA rep and role of all representatives.
Denise passed out samples of bylaws from other States to use as examples to create the Committee bylaws. Aaron Munter asked if the formula for payment would be included in the by-laws. Barbara O'Neill suggested that the subcommittee make a recommendation. Committee members will be Lynda Larremore, Mary Finnegan, Aaron Munter, Patty Sorensen, and Denise Davis. By-laws will not be needed until after we have a signed agreement with a vendor (approx July 1, 2004).
RFP update:
Denise gave background that State Library planned to contract with BCR as a cost-savings measure for administrative support and to negotiate the RFP on behalf of Oregon libraries. In discussion with BCR, it was determined that they would not save the program money as originally expected. The Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS) is handling the RFP; the State Library will administer the program.
Key components of the proposal elements are in Section D of the RFP. A Proposer pre-bid conference will be held in Salem on March 10, 2004 at 2p.m. We need to get comments to be included in any addenda to the RFP at that meeting. The negotiated contract(s) will be for a one-year agreement, with up to 4 annual renewals, and will be awarded to the best value product(s).
There was concern expressed by the Oregon Department of Justice regarding our subsidy of faith-based institutions. A legal review concluded that faith-based libraries are eligible to participate in the database licensing program.
Keith Adams, Business Manager at the State Library, addressed the Committee on the procurement ethics. Committee members were instructed to forward all RFP questions to Tim Hay at DAS. Timï's contact information was provided.
All issues raised at this committee meeting will be discussed at the Proposer pre-bid conference. DAS will issue the RFP addenda.
Denise explained the RFP process: The RFP will cover the entire population of Oregon. A vendor's proposal will not be forwarded to this committee if it does not qualify in the Mandatory requirements.
Section D.2, Mandatories, was reviewed. Daniel Peterson made a motion that in Section D 2.12 that IP, Referring URL, Password, Customer Proxy Server be retained as mandatory, while CGI, Library patron Barcode or ID, and Third Party authentication products be moved to examples in the OtherBox. Lynda Larremore seconded, unanimously approved.
Desirables scoring cannot be changed.
D3.7 17 search options, not 18.
D3.20, 21, 22clarification
D3.1(e) Revise to issuesï from titles
D2.15 Z39.50, move to Desirables D.3.39
D2.12 Keep in Mandatories: IP/Referring URL/Password/Proxy. Move all others to examples in the Other box.
D2.16 E-reserves delete, elaborate in D.3.15
Price Table 2(c) in D.4.4, merge into one response box. Price Table 2(b) Academics List, delete for-profit institutions; Art Institute, ITT, U of Phoenix, Pioneer Pacific, Heald, Gutenberg, Western Business, and Walla Walla School of Nursing.
D2.15 Z39.50 -- Faye Chadwell moved to transfer this section to Desirables with the following statement, Describe your company's compliance with Z39.50, in particular the latest version, or detail your plans to become compliant and when. Aaron Munter seconded. This item became D.3.39. Discussion followed that changing this from a Mandatory to Desirable may allow more vendors to respond. Unanimously approved.
The scoring for the new D3.39 was discussed. Aaron Munter moved to apply a value of 5 points, Dan Peterson seconded, unanimously approved. The scoring range was discussed. A recommendation was made for the following scoring: 5 points = compliant with most current version, 3 points = some version, not current and plan, and 0 = non-compliant and plan or no plan. Patty Sorensen moved to accept the points, Lynda Larremore seconded, unanimously approved.
E-Reserves noted in Section D2.16(f), and in Section D2.9. Faye Chadwell moved that this item be moved to Desirables, Section D.3.15, and the wording revised. It is desired that Customers understand usage constraints, including Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and digital reference. Describe whether or not the Proposer's database product can be used to fill normal ILL requests. A normal ILL request would come from a library that does not have access to the resources to fill a patron's request. Depending on the loaning library, ILL practice or policy, the request may come from inside or outside Oregon. Libraries would not loan access to the entire electronic Database Product. Libraries would use electronic products to provide occasional access for normal ILL activities. Also describe whether or not Proposer's products can be used to perform digital reference services. Describe whether products may be used to create electronic course packs and whether products may be used for electronic reserves. Lynda Larremore seconded. Vote, unanimously approved. (No motion was made to change scoring points.)
Vendor proposals, evaluation process.
Denise will have Robin Speer create a PDF fill-in form version of the Desirables score packets for each bid. The forms will be available on a committee-only website for the committee members. Barbara O'Neill suggested formatting changes to make the form easier to use.
All reviews from the committee and the professional reviewers will be sent to Val. There will be 39 professional reviewers as follows: 9 each for Public Library, Academic Library, and K-12 (3 for elementary, 3 for middle and 3 for high schools); Resource Sharing Systems (1); SDLAC (10); and OSL staff (1).
Proposals will be made available as soon as possible from the committee-only website. The deadline for vendors to submit proposals is April 2, 2004.
Greg Doyle brought up the issue of 3 Washington State private colleges belonging to ORBIS and asked whether they still could participate. The answer was no, but that does not preclude those colleges from working directly with the database vendor selected. Pam will contact the Washington State Library to learn more about its statewide database program. Greg agreed to develop language to share with vendors to describe the issue. Aaron noted these colleges are members of OETC and he is willing to work with them and the selected vendor.
2004 Program implementation. After the SDLAC receives the proposals, the committee will revisit the cost allocations for participants.
April meeting dates* The next meeting will be held April 20, 2004 from 9am-4pm, followed by a meeting on April 30, if needed.
Old Business: None.
New Business: None.
Meeting Adjourned 3:52pm
*The April 20th meeting will be held in Room 122 of the Department of Transportation Building on the Capitol Mall. They have a security procedure to enter the building, so please bring ID.