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BARD Mobile How To

How to Download a Book

The download process for BARD Mobile is a little different than the download process for the BARD website.  You can only download a book using the BARD Mobile app if you have added the book to your wish list.
If you are browsing for books from within the BARD Mobile app, the link below a book’s description will say “add (book’s title) to my wish list.”  Click the link to add the book.
If you are browsing for books on the BARD website, click on a book’s title to open its full record.  The very last line of text at the bottom of the record will be a link to add the book to your wish list.  Click the link to add the book.
You will find your wish list at the top of the Get Books tab within the BARD Mobile app.  To start downloading a book, tap on the book you want.  Confirm your decision, and the book will start downloading.  For iOS users, a progress bar will appear.  For Android users, a percent complete counter will appear.
When the download is complete, you can find the book on the Bookshelf tab under the appropriate category, depending of the type of book or magazine you downloaded, and the book will automatically disappear from your wish list.
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How to Delete a Book

BARD book files can be quite large (100-200 MB on average), and if your device has limited storage space you will regularly need to delete a book before you can download a new one.  Deleting a book from BARD Mobile will remove it entirely from your device.
For iOS users, first go to the Bookshelf tab, then select the category that the book you want to delete appears in.  Next, select the edit button near the top-right of the list.  Little red circles with minus signs will appear next to all the books on the list.  Select the circle to the immediate-left of the book you want to delete.  A red button with the word “delete” will appear to the right of the title.  Select this button to confirm your decision to delete the book.  When you have deleted all the books you want, select the edit button again to make the red minus circles disappear.
For Android users, go to the bookshelf tab as well, then select the appropriate category.  Next, select the menu button (three vertical dots) in the top-right.  Select the delete option, then mark the box next to the book(s) you want to delete.  Confirm your decision to delete the book(s) and you are good to go.
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How to Find a Book

Since BARD has tens of thousands of books available for download, browsing through everything to find something specific would be very difficult.  To make finding the right book much easier, BARD Mobile has an easy-to-use Browse BARD feature on the Get Books tab.  The layout of this page looks exactly like the BARD main page when you log into BARD on your computer.
Here you’ll find a search box where you can type any search term you want, including a title, name (last, first), keyword, subject, or book number (i.e. 76543).  You do not need to specify which type of search you want to do; instead, BARD will look for your search term in every category.  For example, if your search term is the word “morning,” that word may be found in the title of several books, as well as in the description of several books.  BARD will display all the results for both categories.
Here are some tips and tricks that’ll help you when using the search box:
-      To hone in on a specific book, it is best to use a search term unique to that book.  That can be an author or character’s name, a specific location like a city or town, or an uncommon word in the book’s title.
-      BARD’s search box is not as sophisticated as Google, so if you spell your search term wrong you won’t get the results you’re looking for.  You can, however, use Google (or Amazon, or any other reliable internet source) to first find the correct spelling of an author’s name or the exact title of a book, then copy and paste that information into BARD’s search box.
-      One of the best ways to find a specific book is to search by its book number.  Just type in the 5 digit number, but leave off the DB part.  Sometimes you might find a couple of results, especially if the book is part of a series, but for the most part you should only get one result.
-      Depending on what type of search term you use, you can skip to the results in a specific category by clicking the link for that category at the top of the results page.  For example, if you know your search term is a word that will appear in the book’s description, then you can click the annotation link to more quickly locate the book you want.
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How to Sideload a Book

Sideloading books is the process of manually loading a BARD book onto your device, instead of downloading them through the BARD Mobile app.  Some users find sideloading easier or more convenient than downloading a book through the BARD Mobile app because you can skip the add to wish list process, avoid using mobile data on your device if you’re not near an open wi-fi network, and download books faster using a computer.
For iOS users, you can sideload books you’ve downloaded from BARD using iTunes file transfer, or some other cloud-based storage program like Dropbox.  You MUST transfer the zip file you download from BARD; you cannot sideload unzipped books.  As long as the zip file is loaded to the internal memory of your iOS device, the BARD Mobile app should be able to recognize, unzip, and play the book.
For Android users, you can sideload books you’ve downloaded from BARD by loading them onto the internal memory of your device, either by connecting your device to your computer and accessing the internal memory manually, or by exporting the book from a cloud-based storage program like Dropbox or Google Drive.  The book must be placed in the specified storage location for the BARD Mobile app, which you can find by following the folder path identified under Settings.  You can sideload zipped or unzipped folders; though most cloud-based storage apps do not let you upload and download unzipped folders.
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