BARD User Requirements

Downloading books from BARD requires the following:

  • NLS digital player, registered purchased player, or compatible iOS or Android smartphone or tablet for audio; Braille-aware note taker, Braille display, or Braille embosser for electronic Braille
  • Computer with high-speed internet access
  • Active email address
  • Purchased blank cartridge or flash drive (recommended 1-2 GB)

There are also a few computer skills users need to have in order to download books from BARD, including:

  • Navigating a web page using a web browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc)
  • Sending and receiving email
  • Filling out online forms
  • Initiating downloads
  • Locating a downloaded file on your computer
  • Connecting a blank cartridge or flash drive to your computer
  • Extracting zipped folders
  • Copying and pasting files
  • Removing a blank cartridge or flash drive safely from your computer
  • Erasing files from a blank cartridge or flash drive
  • Loading files onto a purchased player or Braille device


NOTE: Talking Books staff can provide technical support to users who encounter an issue with the download or playback process, but they do not teach general computer skills.


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