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Online Catalog How To

How to Log In

In order to make requests, review your request list, and see what is currently checked out to you, you’ll need to log into your Talking Books account using our online catalog.
The login information for your Talking Books account is automatically generated based on your name and contact information.  Please contact us at 800-452-0292 or talkingbooks.info@state.or.us and we will let you know your username and password.
To login, click the link in the box at the top-right corner of any page.  The link will be in the same place on all pages, so you can login at any time.  However, we recommend logging in as soon as you arrive at our online catalog in order to make things easier later on.
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How to Use Search Filters

When you use the search feature of our online catalog, there may be times when you get a lot of results if your search term is fairly general.  In order to help you better find a book that interests you, our online catalog uses filters to narrow down the results so they are more manageable.
The list of filters appears to the left of your results.  There are different categories for filters, including format, availability, recently added, subject, and language.  Depending on your results there will be different filters to choose from.
The filters can work to either keep titles on or remove titles from a results list.  When you click on the text of a filter (i.e. Recently Added: within 1 month), all of the results that match that filter will remain; the rest will disappear.
You can click on multiple filters to further focus your results.  For example, you can search for mysteries, then select filters for books added over the last year that have hardcopies immediately available.  These two filters alone reduce results from 10,000 titles to just 400!
Conversely, you can click the small circle with the minus sign to remove results that match that filter.  We find this feature especially useful when searching for books using subjects.  For example, when looking for a mystery book if you don’t have a specific sub-genre in mind, but you do know you don’t like explicit sex or spy mysteries, you can click the minus sign circle to remove those results.
Here are some additional tips and tricks when using filters:
-      If you accidentally click on a filter, you can use your browser’s back button to get the removed books back on the list.
-      There are also links above your results list that allow you to remove filters you’ve selected.
-      If you click on a title to read more about it then go back to the full results list, your filters will still remain.
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How to Request a Book

As you browse and search through our online catalog and find a book you are interested in, here is how you can add the title to your request list.
Each title on a results list has a box under the far-left “Select” column.  To request a title, check this box, then click the Add Selected to Book Basket button at the top or bottom of the results list.  You can check multiple titles and add them all with one button click.
Clicking the Add Selected to Book Basket button will take you directly to your book basket.  You can choose to go back to your search results to add more books, or you can finalize your requests by clicking the Proceed to Checkout button.
If you are already logged in, the titles in your book basket will be added to your request list.  If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.  If you do not know your login information, you can click the Email Basket button to send us the list of books.  Follow the instructions on the page so we know whose account the requests are for.
You can mark up to three requests per day as rush requests.  Marking a request as a rush means it will be favored ahead of other requests, and if we have available hardcopies the book will mail out in your next shipment.
Here are a couple of things to remember about requests:
-       You can have as many books on request as you want, but we recommend keeping your request list at a reasonable level.  That way you get more of the books you’re very interested in, instead of missing out on those high-interest books because your request list is bogged down with lots of moderate-interest titles.
-       Newer requests will be favored ahead of older requests.
-       Requests expire after one year.  We purge expired requests once a year.
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How to Download Autoselect Books

Many of our users enjoy the freedom and immediacy of downloading books from BARD.  There are no due dates, no wait lists, and no limits.  But these same users also like the automatic selections our circulation system makes, because they help our users discover new books by different authors they wouldn’t have known about otherwise.
Our Talking Books online catalog can bridge this gap between downloading and automatic selection.  By searching through our online catalog and then using filtering options you can find the pool of books our autoselect system would choose from for you, then you can download those books using the embedded download links.
Here is how the process works:
-       First, decide what type of book you’re interested in.  You’ll have to start out broad, so instead of starting with a search for 18th century British royalty romance, just search for historical fiction.
-       Using the available subject filters, reduce your results list so you have fewer titles to browse through.  You can click on the See More link at the bottom of the list of filters to access more filter options.
-       We recommend also using the following filters to make sure you locate downloadable audio books: Format – Digital Book, and Availability – Downloadable.  Be sure to click on the filter’s text so you only include books that match these filters.
-       When you find a book you’d like to download, just click the “Downloadable talking book” link in the status column on the far-right.  If you are already logged into BARD, the download will go ahead and start.  If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so, then a page will appear with a link to continue the download.
Here are some tips to take full advantage of this method:
-       Many books fit within multiple genres.  For example, there are books that are both historical fiction and romance.  The subject filters allow you to find books that match both genres.  Simply search for one subject (i.e. historical fiction), then select the romance subject filter.  Now you are browsing through all the historical romances.
-       New books are usually available for download from BARD before we receive hardcopies, and many older books (below DB 65000) are only available for download at this time.
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How to Use a Book's Full Record

Each book in our collection has a very short record that will appear in a search results list, as well as a much larger full record that provides a wealth of information about the book.  Besides just providing more detailed information about a book, you can also use these full records to find similar books or all the other books in a series.
To open a book’s full record, you just click on the books title, either from a search results list or one of our browsing lists.  Much of the information on the page functions as a link that will run a search for whatever you click on.  Here is how you can use these links:
-      Author name: clicking on the author’s name will help you find all the books by that author in our collection.
-      Series: if you know the book is part of a series, click the series name to quickly find all the other books in that series.
-      Narrator: say you like listening to a reader’s voice, and want to read whatever they’ve narrated.  Click on their name and you’ll get that list.
-      Local Subject: if you’ve just read a book you really like because of its subject, look that book up in our catalog then click on the local subject links to find other books that are coded with the same subject.  You can then use filters to refine the list even more.
You can also add a book to your book basket directly from the book’s full record.
Clicking your browser’s back button will return you to your search results as you left them, so opening a book’s full record won’t require you to do all the work or searching and filtering all over again.
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