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Magazine FAQs

Will the magazine cartridges and containers look different from books?

Yes.  NLS magazine cartridges are light blue in color and come in a red container imprinted with a distinctive Library of Congress flag logo and the letter “M” on the case.  The return process is the same as for audio books.
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Can I keep a magazine cartridge?

No. You must return your magazine cartridges just as you return audio book cartridges.  If you don’t return your cartridges, your magazine service will be disrupted.  Due to the higher cost of cartridges, cartridges are reused by the publishers.
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What is the loan period for audio magazines?

The loan period for an NLS audio magazine depends on the magazines publication schedule:

  • Weekly: 3 week loan period
  • Monthyl /quartyerly  / bimonthlyMonthly / Bimonthly / Quarterly: 7 week loan period
If there is a mixture of weekly and monthly issues on the same cartridge, the loan period is 7 weeks from date of receipt.
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I receive several magazines.  Will they come on one cartridge?

If you subscribe to more than one audio magazine, you may receive more than one magazine issue on the same cartridge.  When a cartridge with more than one magazines is inserted into a digital player, you will hear instructions for navigating among the magazine issues on that cartridge.  This is called using the “Bookshelf" mode.
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How do I get to the next magazine on the cartridge?

To access the bookshelf mode, press and hold the green Play/Stop button on the player until you hear “bookshelf.”  Use the fast-forward button to scroll to the next magazine in the list.  Use the rewind button to scroll to the previous magazine in the list.  Once you hear the title of the magazine you want to read, press the green Play/Stop button again.
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Will Talking Book Topics come on a separate cartridge?

Subscribers to the audio version of Talking Book Topics will receive it on cartridge with other audio magazines.  If Talking Book Topics is the only audio magazine you receive, it will be the only item on the cartridge.  Talking Book Topics cartridges must be returned like any other magazine.
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I’d like to get an issue of a magazine to keep.  How can I do that?

All issues of magazines are available at any time for download from BARD or BARD Mobile.  Downloading gives you immediate access to over 50,000 books, magazines, and music scores in Braille and audio formats.  BARD is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There are no loan periods, no need to return magazines, and no limits.


If you do not have a BARD account you can sign up by clicking this link.

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I have not received some of my magazines.  What do I do?

It’s possible that your service has been halted due to overdue magazines.  Please call Talking Books at 800-452-0292 to have the Serials Coordinator review your account.  It is very important to return your magazines in a timely manner.
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How do I cancel my magazine subscription(s) or Talking Book Topics?

By contacting Talking Books at 800-452-0292 or talkingbooks.info@state.or.us​.
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How do I sign up for magazines not offered by Talking Books?

By contacting the magazine publisher directly:
  • ChChoice Magazine Listening: 888-724-6423
  • ​Guidepost: 800-431-2344
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