BARD Mobile Troubleshooting

  • You must have a working BARD username and password before you can log into BARD Mobile.
  • The BARD Mobile app downloads items from your wish list or from the Recently Added Books and Recently Added Magazines sections.
  • BARD Mobile must be open while books are downloading; if you switch to a different app, downloading will stop. Also, the screen must be unlocked throughout the download process.
  • If you want to read Braille books with BARD Mobile, you'll need a Braille display. Be sure to read Section 7 of the user guide for configuration instructions and keystrokes that make reading Braille a smooth experience.  At this time, Braille is only supported on Apple iOS devices.
  • If you download BARD books or magazines on your computer, you can sideload them onto your device and open them using BARD Mobile. Load them as zip files; BARD Mobile will unzip them automatically. Be sure BARD Mobile has access to the Internet, as the app will need to authorize the book.
  • BARD books and magazines can be 50MB to 200MB.  Be sure to monitor your data usage if you are downloading books using your cellular data rather than wi-fi so you don't go over your limit (if you have one).