The Oregon Talking Book and Braille Library partners with social-welfare agencies, care communities, health-care providers, support groups, schools and education service districts, retirement centers, public libraries, and many others to help reach eligible Oregonians across the state.


Upon registration, each institution account receives one demonstration Talking Books player and one demonstration audio book meant to show eligible individuals what it would be like to use Talking Books.  If a person expresses interest in Talking Books, they can submit their own application and receive their own player and books.

These materials are all provided free on extended loan.
 All materials are sent and returned postage paid.


To register, complete a Talking Books Institutional application.  Applications can be submitted by mail, fax, or email.



Staff of a registered institution are eligible for Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD).  BARD is the NLS download-on-demand service that enables users to download a copy of any book for immediate enjoyment.  Multiple staff at an institution can have BARD accounts, and are encouraged to use these accounts for the following:

  • Demoing BARD to interested users or perspective applicants
  • Helping users download books
  • Making several copies of the same book available for book groups or other group activities


To sign-up for a BARD account please click this link.

At this time, public library accounts will be limited to demo only access, meaning library staff will only be able to download any of four (4) copyright-free books that have been published by the NLS:

  • Biography of the Blind (DB 42343)
  • Braille into the Next Millennium (DB 50969)
  • Talking Books: Pioneering and Beyond (DB 27607)
  • That All May Read (DB 20002)

Public library staff will still be able to search for any book available on BARD in order to show the breadth and depth of the collection, but they will only be able to download the NLS copyright-free books using their staff BARD account.


Please maintain contact with Talking Books, especially to update a resident’s or client’s address information or preferences.  If someone you serve is no longer interested in using our library or has passed away, please let us know.  You can reach us at 800-452-0292 or

Outreach & Training

If you are interested in having a Talking Books staff member come talk to your residents or staff about our library and what we provide, please contact us at 800-452-0292 or  We make presentations all across the state at care facilities, Lions Club meetings, Rotary Club meetings, libraries, etc., because we love talking about Talking Books!


Our Librarian also provides training called “Reading in the Dark” that helps dispel the myths of what library service means for people with print-disabilities, and what care providers can do to be mindful of their clients’ specific needs.  Please contact her at 503-378-5455 or to schedule a presentation.