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Reported Obstructions and Alerts

DISCLAIMER: Obstruction removal is ultimately the responsibility of the property owner.  The agency, along with marine law enforcement may work with property owners on mitigation plans. The agency will selectively mitigate obstructions based on the location, type of boating traffic/frequency, ability to mitigate using equipment from land/water and meeting the definition of "extraordinary hazard" to boating safety.  Rivers are dynamic and high water events frequently change the location of obstructions. Downed trees and other debris also provide important habitat for fish and marine life.  Each obstruction is evaluated individually after consultation with Marine Law Enforcement.  Where practical, marine deputies may attempt to create safe passage with recommendations for boaters, in addition to posting signage at nearby ramps.  It's the boater/floater's responsibility to scout ahead, keep a sharp lookout and take early and substantial action to avoid being taken by the current into an obstruction.   



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