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Boating Safety Education Videos

 Vive NW -Bilingual Cold Water Safety Tips

 Wakeboarding & Wake Surfing Etiquette

 Essential Gear for Paddlers

 What to Know when Paddling on Mixed-Use Waterways

 Boat Ramp Etiquette for Paddlers and Trailered Motorboats


 How to Pick Up a Wakeboarder Safely to Minimize Wake

 All You Need to Know About Inflatable Life Jackets

Continuing Education 

Upcoming Beaverton Sail & Power Squadron Seminars/Courses:

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US Power Squadron's Jump Start Program

Jump Start, an America’s Boating Club, aka US Power Squadron, the program provides a framework for providing one-on-one training to a member or non-member student on the student's own boat. The student should be the owner of a new boat, or at least a boat new to them. The student should have some boating experience, but limited experience with a boat of the type for which the training will be conducted. 

The content of the training is customized to fit the needs of the individual student. The goal is to help the new boat owner develop essential skills for the safe operation of their boat and to break through any barriers that may limit their boating enjoyment. Up to two hours of training can be scheduled. This provides a reasonable amount of time to teach a number of skills.

The Jump Start Program provides a personalized, high-quality training experience for the student. There is no charge for the program.

To sign up for the Jump Start program go to the United States Power Squadron, America’s Boating Club, District 32 Website: and sign up.

(Note, this course does not satisfy requirements for the Oregon Boater Education Card)

Navigation Chart/GPS

Location:  Brooking, OR,  Masonic Lodge, Pacific Street

Dates: April 30-May 1  and   May 21-22    Both classes  Saturday  and Sunday  9am- 1 pm

Cost: $45

Class Coverage:

The first day of each class cover the use of navigation charts for recreational boaters. It includes description, content, understanding latitude and longitude, defining chart features, plotting way points, leaving the dock and returning.

Day two is all about the basics to operating a GPS. What is in the box, Understanding a gps and its menus. Locating items from the previous day. Entering latitude and longitude numbers. Walking a course and finding items at the waypoints that you entered. Students that have handheld  GPS units are encouraged to bring them. Having marine charts loaded on them really helps in the class and for future backup navigation. Those not having a handheld gps is not a problem. The class has several units available.

For more information or to register-phone Phil Range at 208 863-8386

USCG Aux Crossing the Bar

This course is put on by the US Coast Guard Aux. Flotilla 78 

Location: Pearson Air Park, Vancouver WA

Date: May 21st, 2022

Time: 8:30AM to 1PM

Cost: $25

Call (360) 904-5585 or email Frank Graber ( for more information and to register.

Boating Safety Videos for Portland Water Recreationists 

Featuring Portland Harbormaster Sean Whalen and Ashley Massey from the Marine Board, address Willamette River -specific safety considerations on this navigable, mixed-use waterway.