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2021 Legislation

Oregon State Marine Board Agency Bills

The Oregon State Marine Board did not propose any policy bills for the 2021 Legislative session. However, there are several bills introduced by other sources that may affect boaters in the state. As an executive branch agency, we take no position on bills introduced in the Legislature by elected lawmakers. Instead, our role is to provide objective information to Legislators if asked to provide input.

The Legislative process allows for public input during committee bill hearings. If there is legislation where you would like to comment, follow the bill by going to the Oregon State Legislature website and sign up for notifications. You can also always contact your local representatives with your concerns, and they too can be found on the legislature website.

As required by Oregon Law, each agency must have a balanced budget, therefore, the Marine Board has a fiscal bill (HB 5020).

Learn more about the Marine Board's requested budget.

How a Bill Becomes Law -the Legislative Process


Get Engaged! Learn how to participate in the legislative process and track bills that interest you.

2021 Legislative Session Information

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