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Watercraft User Group

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As a component of the Marine Board's 2011-2016 and 2017-2022 strategic plans, recreational boaters said they wanted more input into discussing issues, agency policy, and strategic planning, so that's where the Watercraft Advisory Group (formerly Boat Oregon Advisory Teams) comes in. 
For 2019, we've merged the original four teams created in 2014 into one, the Watercraft User Group, to help implement the agency's 2017-2022 strategic plan. The Watercraft User Group will engage in activities that help the agency more effectively serve recreational boaters and promote shared waterways.

The following individuals comprise each team:
The Watercraft User Group will identify statewide boating issues relating to different boating activities on the waterways and are charged with recommending initiatives that are congruent with the agency strategic plan (which members helped shape) and within the Marine Board's statutory authority.
The Watercraft User Group is not a decision-making body and members work voluntarily in an open feedback system to agency staff, not the Board.  Board members are invited to attend meetings to gain insight into issues and participate in discussions.  Meetings are designed to be a collaborative process to develop projects with measurable outcomes. 
The Marine Board has discretion on how to fill vacancies which may vary from statewide recruitment to direct invitation. Members agree to serve a minimum of three years on the Watercraft User Group if selected.   
Meetings will be announced on the public meetings calendar and through direct communication via email with members. Meetings are open to the public.  For past meeting agendas and minutes, contact the Public Information Officer at the Marine Board.


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