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Safety Rules
  • Primary rule:  If a suspected device is encountered, it should not be handled and the area should be secured.
  • Secondary rule:  Always assume that there is more than one device present, whether it is a bombing, a threat, or a device that has been located.
  • Never pick up or disassemble a pipe bomb or any other IED, even if someone lese has.
  • The powder in the threads can set it off, or it may have a timer and/or movement switch.

Common Improvised Devices
Pipe BombPipe bombs are the most common and readily assembled device.  Once ignited, the confined filler material produces heat and gas, and the nearly instantaneous buildup of pressure results in the pipe bomb´s explosion.  If the pipe bomb is filled with high explosive, then it is basically a hand grenade, and the pipe is ripped into many small, very high velocity fragments at the time of detonation.
 Time bombs are designed to give the bomber time to get away from the scene before the bomb detonates Time Bomb
 Molotov Cocktail Molotov Cocktail - Incendiary Destructive Device                  
 Booby trapped bombs - devices fired by an unsuspecting person who disturbs an apparently harmless object or performs a presumably safe act. Booby Trap
 Training Salem Detectives Conduct an Explosive Recognition Class.
Having the components of an explosive device in your possession without a Certificate of Possession for the explosives will constitute the crime of Possession of a Destructive Device.

Just Because it Isn't Real Doesn't Mean Its Not a Crime
ORS 166.385 Possession of a Hoax Destructive Device.  (1) A person commits the crime of Possession of a Hoax Destructive Device if the person knowingly places another person in fear of serious physical injury by:
  1. Posessing, manufacturing, selling, delivering, placing or causing to be placed a hoax destructive device; or
  2. Sending a hoax destructive device to another person.