Investigative Support Unit

The Oregon State Police Investigative Support Unit (ISU) provides statewide investigative assistance to all law enforcement agencies within the state of Oregon upon request.  ISU can also assist with producing two-dimensional and three-dimensional still and video animations of incident scenes, artifacts and persons.    ISU can provide the following services:
Crime Scene / Search Warrant Service Assistance:
·         Evidence assistance
·         Document analysis
·         Assist with scene and evidence measuring
·         Assist with photo logging evidence
·         Data research / locating persons
·          Assist with evidence, crime scene logs
Command Post Support:
·         Case management and organization
·         Create appropriate case databases to document, track and organize investigative leads
·         Assist in the organization of Tip / Call center to include a case tip / lead management process
·         Analyze incoming data
·         Create graphics to illustrate links, associations, and identity of suspects, witnesses, victims and other persons of interest
Major Case Management Assistance:
·         Assist with long-term case management and organization
·         Identify and assess potential investigative leads
·         Formulate investigative timelines associations or link charts
Major Crime Pre-trial / Courtroom Preparation Assistance:
·         Prepare demonstrative exhibits to include photograph displays, timeline displays, statement discrepancy charts, and other graphical displays
·         Assist with multi-media presentations such as Power Point and data base presentations
Cold Case Homicide Support:
·         Able to provide the same assistance for cold case investigations as mentioned above
·         Initial cold case review
·         Analyze case reports, develop investigative strategies, evidence audits, and locating of suspects, victims and other persons of interest
Visual Documentation of Crime Scene:
·         Scale diagramming
·         3-Dimensional computer model of crime scene
·         Computer animation of crime scene / events
Major Crime Pre-Trial and Trial Assistance:
·         Image editing
·         Video capture and editing
·         Prepare visual displays to include scale diagrams, charts, photographs and maps in large printed format or computer graphics
·         Create crime scene animation video, CD or DVD​​
·         Testify at grand jury / trial