Major Crimes Section 

The Oregon State Police Major Crimes Section provides statewide field investigative services and support to other state agencies and local law enforcement.  The Major Crimes Section includes major crime detectives, counter terrorism detectives, polygraph examiners, forensic computer examiners, crime and information analysts, arson investigators, and explosive technicians.
  • ​Major Crimes Section detectives investigate crimes on state property, crimes in state institutions, and assist other law enforcement agencies across the state with major criminal investigations.  The detectives conduct specialized investigations of intrastate and multi-jurisdictional violent crimes, crimes against children, public official misconduct, officer-involved critical incidents and other major criminal activity.
  • The Major Crimes Section provides statewide polygraph examination services and support to members of the Oregon State Police and to all city and county law enforcement agencies.  The services provided by the Polygraph Unit assists investigators in determining if an investigation is focused on the correct individual, assisting in obtaining a confession from a suspect or gaining valuable case-related information from involved subjects.   
  • The Major Crimes Section also provides statewide support in the areas of computer crimes through expert forensic examination of computers and other digital media for evidence of crimes.  The Oregon State Police is a member of the FBI’s Northwest Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory in Portland, and partners not only with the FBI but with other local law enforcement agencies in the area of computer forensic examination. 
  • The Major Crimes Section has detectives assigned to the FBI’s Joint T​errorism Task Force in Portland, as part of an interagency team of state and federal investigators working to prevent incidents of domestic and international terrorism. 
  • The Investigative Support Unit (ISU) located in General Headquarters serves as a resource to all investigators across the state. ISU provides crime analysis services for major cases and maintains and searches informational databases to locate potential suspects or witnesses to assist members of the Oregon State Police and investigators from all law enforcement agencies across the state.  ISU also provides logistical support and on-site assistance in organizing resources and information during major criminal investigations and has staff to assist investigators with crime scene reconstruction and video animation.  ISU operates Oregon’s Missing Children/Adults Clearinghouse, unidentified deceased program and manages Oregon’s Amber Alert program. 
  • The Explosives Unit of the Criminal Investigations Division is made up of certified Hazardous Device Technicians strategically located in each region of the state and provides explosives-related assistance to public safety agencies, other government agencies and citizens.  This is accomplished through explosives investigations, render-safe of known improvised explosive devices, analysis of suspect packages, and the destruction of unwanted or deteriorated explosive materials.  Additionally, explosives-related training is provided for personnel who may encounter hazardous items. 
  • ​The Arson Unit the only statewide law enforcement fire investigative resource and response unit in the state of Oregon.  The unit has detectives placed strategically around the state and is committed to the protection of life and property by reducing the crime of arson through effective investigation and enforcement.  The unit accomplishes this by working directly with numerous federal, state, and local fire and law enforcement agencies when investigating arsons, fire fatalities and suspicious fires involving both infrastructures and wildlands.  Working partners include the Oregon State Fire Marshal Office, Oregon Department of Forestry, Bureau of Land Management, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the US Forest Service, and local and county fire departments and law enforcement agencies.