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CJIS/LEDS Training Unit
The CJIS Training Unit is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.:
  Phone:  503-934-0300 or 503-934-2341
  Fax:  503-378-2121
  Email:  Training.CJIS@state.or.us 
After hours, many of your questions can be answered by the LEDS Operations Center staff:
  Phone: 503-378-5565
  Fax:   503-588-1378
  Email:  helpdesk.leds@state.or.us
LEDS/CJIS Regional Training Events
These Regional Trainings are planned to assist LEDS Representatives and Local Agency Security Officers (LASOs).  These training events will NOT certify users in the use of LEDS.
  • No Regional Training sessions currently scheduled.

Would your agency like to host a LEDS/CJIS Regional Training Event?  Please contact the CJIS Training Unit at Training.CJIS@state.or.us

2018 OSP CJIS Statewide Training Event
The Oregon State Police CJIS Division cordially invites you to attend our FREE statewide training event hosted at the Spirit Mountain Event Center, August 28th-30th, 2018.  

This event will include staff from both the OSP CJIS Division and the FBI CJIS Division, as well as other state and federal agencies. The intention of this event is to reach out to both our Criminal Justice and Non-Criminal Justice/Regulatory Agencies with updates and information.  This information is intended primarily for LEDS Representatives, Local Agency Security Officers, Agency Administrators, and Uniform Crime Reporting staff.  Attendees may choose to attend any or all of the days of our training event.  

Tuesday 28 August: 12:30PM – 4:45PM 
Sessions include:
- OSP CJIS Division staff presenting on LEDS Auditing 
- Chris Weatherly (FBI CJIS) with updates on CJIS Security Policy
- LEDS 20/20 Project Update

Wednesday 29 August: 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Three separate full-day breakout sessions:
- Criminal Justice, including NCIC, NLETS, NDEx, and sessions specifically for OUCR/ONIBRS and Courts & DA’s Offices
- Non-Criminal Justice/Regulatory, including sessions presented on Outsourcing Standards and NCJA Audits
- IT & CJIS Security, including sessions on Mobile Device Management and Configuring IOS to Meet CJIS Requirements

Thursday 30 August: 8:00AM ‐ 12:30PM 
Sessions include:
- LEDS Rep 101
- Updates on the new DMV system
- Q&A Panel with staff members from the OSP CJIS Division

Please review the training announcement​, which includes our planned training agendas for each day.  

Those wishing to attend may complete the registration form and submit their forms to CJIS Training via email: Training.CJIS@state.or.us or via fax: 503-378-2121.  

There is NO registration fee for the OSP CJIS Statewide Training Event—this training is FREE for all LEDS agencies.  Attendees are responsible for any needed lodging arrangements.

The seating capacity at our venue is 330 persons.

A notification will be sent to all agencies when we reach 315 registrants.
Registration will be closed when we reach 330 registrants.

Due to these seating capacity restrictions, each agency may register up to two attendees per ORI, per conference day.  

If additional seats are available after July 13th, agencies may register an additional two attendees per ORI.

Final Registration Deadline: Friday August 3rd

We look forward to seeing you in August!


How Can I Become LEDS Certified?
LEDS, the Law Enforcement Data System, is a database created for law enforcement records such as warrants, protection orders, stolen property, criminal histories, and other vital investigative files.  In order to become certified in the use of LEDS, you must be a current employee for an agency with LEDS access.  Employees wishing to gain access to LEDS must also get fingerprinted for CJIS security within 30 days. 
You may have seen a job posting which says "preference will be given to applicants who are LEDS certified." Unfortunately, LEDS certification is not available to citizens since access to the LEDS database is required to complete the training process and that access is limited to law enforcement agencies.  Basically this is a process that your employer needs to sponsor you through; applicants who are already LEDS certified would likely have employment history with other law enforcement agencies.
Criminal convictions which could preclude from LEDS certification are list under OAR 257-015-0050(6):
(6) "Background Checks of Terminal Operators Required" Policies for access to the FBI-NCIC system require background screening of all terminal operators with access to the NCIC system. For efficiency and consistency, the key elements of the NCIC background screening policies are also adopted for all LEDS access, as follows:
(a) Appropriate Background investigations, including a check of LEDS and NCIC fugitive warrant files, the Oregon computerized criminal history (CCH) system, and the FBI Interstate Identification Index (III), must be conducted on all terminal operators with LEDS access. To assure positive identification, submission of a completed applicant fingerprint card to the FBI Identification Division through the Oregon State Police Identification Services Section is also required;
(b) If the applicant is found to be a fugitive or to be the subject of a current prosecution, access will be denied. If the applicant has been convicted of a crime which could have resulted in a sentence to a Federal or State penitentiary, access will be denied;
(c) Exceptions to denials based upon prior criminal convictions may be made in extraordinary circumstances upon application by the user agency to the Superintendent of State Police setting forth the circumstances. The Superintendent or his/her designee will maintain a central file where such exception authorizations shall be filed.