Oregon State Police Missing Persons Program

The Oregon State Police provides law enforcement personnel and families of missing persons the tools to actively and successfully search for missing Oregonians. Our Medical Examiner system and Missing Persons Clearinghouse is partnered with the Oregon State Police Forensic Services DNA Unit to supply leads from DNA analysis, performed at no cost to law enforcement agencies or families of missing persons.  DNA analysis and comparison to database profiles is confidential and restricted to identifying missing persons only.  DNA profiles of family members will be removed promptly and permanently if a match is found.


The OSP DNA Unit will upload all appropriate DNA profiles from the following types of samples related to unidentified persons and missing person cases:

1)     Direct DNA samples (toothbrushes, razors, etc. known to be used by a missing person) submitted by law enforcement

2)     Oral swab standards from biological family members (“Family Reference Standards”) submitted by law enforcement

3)     Biological samples from unidentified remains, submitted directly by the State Medical Examiner’s Office


Submission of Evidence

The OSP Portland Metro Forensic Laboratory-DNA Unit will now receive all appropriate submissions for Missing Persons (MP) cases (family reference samples [FRS] and direct MP reference samples). Click here to view guidelines for submitting this type of evidence to the laboratory.​​ These types of evidence may be submitted to your local laboratory, or directly to the Portland Metro Forensic Laboratory:


​ OSP Portland Metro Forensic Laboratory

13309 SE 84th Avenue, Suite 200

Clackamas, Oregon 97015


Law enforcement is REQUIRED to complete both the OSP Form 49 Forensic Services Request and the Missing Persons Reference Sample Submission form for missing persons evidence.  The forms have been combined into one fillable document, found below:

Missing Persons Program - Reference Sample Submission Form and Form 49.pdfMissing Persons Program - Reference Sample Submission Form and Form 49.pdf


Law Enforcement is also strongly encouraged to enter their missing person into the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs).  Oregon State Police uses this website extensively to discover investigative leads and to find associations between missing persons and unidentified remains.  In fact, our Missing Persons Program Reference Sample Submission form asks for a NamUs “MP” number upon submission of any missing person evidence; it’s that important!


The Medical Examiner’s Office automatically enters all unidentified persons (“UP”) cases into the NamUs system if these decedents persist in being unidentified.  This is our best chance to find a match to a missing Oregonian if they are, in fact, deceased.


If you need help entering your case into NamUs, please call the Medical Examiner’s Office Human Identification Program (Nici Vance) for assistance at 971-673-8202.



NamUs Missing Persons Database

Oregon State Police requests that all law enforcement enter their missing person cases in NamUs.  This site provides an opportunity for families, law enforcement agencies and investigators to search nationwide for missing persons using a variety of powerful search features. Anyone may search the database, but by registering in the system both law enforcement professionals and the general public will also be able to:

·       Add new missing persons cases

·       Add physical and circumstantial details, photographs, dental contacts and other critical pieces of information to a case

·       Create and print missing persons posters

·       Track multiple cases as information is added to the system


Click to go to the NamUs website

Click to see Oregon's missing person cases in NamUs​