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Firearms Instant Check System (FICS) (Dashboard)

Firearms Instant Check System (FICS)Data on firearm denials and stolen weapon investigations
Explore our interactive map from the Firearms Instant Check System (FICS) showing data related to when a firearm is denied and stolen weapon investigations. Anyone can view the map and learn more about the number and types of transactions processed through the FICS.
Having issues seeing the data? Try another browser or refresh your screen.
Change the data by clicking any of the graphs and charts.  You can reset the data by refreshing the page. Share or download the data with the tools at the bottom of the graph scroll bar. Look below the map to learn about each field and how to change your view of the information based on time, location, source, denials and action taken.
Did you know?
•We are required by law to maintain a system for conducting criminal background checks for federally licensed gun dealers and private parties to sell or transfer firearms to another person.
•We must determine whether the person receiving the firearm is qualified or disqualified to complete the sale or transfer.
•We also must check to make sure the firearm is not stolen.
•We are required by law to do so in 30 minutes or less. If we cannot meet the timeline, we will provide an estimate of time when we think the check will be completed by to the seller.
•Learn more on why someone may be denied, what the investigation process looks like, and see other information on reports available.
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How to use the map:
Date Range Selector
The map shows the months of available activities by date. Search more dates by moving the half-circles. Place the cursor over either half-circle on the line. The left half-circle controls the first day of data to view.  The right half-circle controls the last day of data to view. The dates change as you move each half-circle. Only the data from the timeframe selected shows on the map.  Tip: You may need to refresh your browser if the date does not change.
County Filter
Click (All) to view all data for every county in Oregon.  Click one, or more, counties to show the county data available from the timeframe selected.
FICS Transaction Filter
Click (All) to view all data for private party and FFL Dealers.  Click either to show data on private party sales or FFL Dealers.
FICS Denial Reasons Filter
Click (ALL) to view data for all denial reasons.  Click one, or more, reasons to show individual or groups of reasons for the selected timeframe.
Investigative Actions Taken Filter
Click (ALL) to view all actions taken.  Click, one or more, to show individual investigation results or pairings.

FICS = Firearm Instant Check System
Transactions = A sale or transfer of a firearm
FFL = Federal Firearms License. This is a license that enables an individual or company to engage in a business pertaining to the manufacture or importation of firearms and ammunition in-between states or within a state. There are different types of Federal Firearms Licenses. 
Prohibited Person = Federal law makes it unlawful for certain people to ship, transport, receive, or possess firearms or ammunition. There are some exceptions. Review more information here.