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Trooper Frequently Asked Questions

 Question: Applicant is unable to attend the scheduled written and physical abilities test.  Can the applicant be rescheduled for a different test event?

Yes. The applicant will have the opportunity to contact the National Testing Network to set up another test date for the written, reading, and video test at at testing site closest to their location.

If you are unable to make your scheduled ORPAT testing date and time, please contact the agency or NTN that you were testing with so they can take your name off of the list.  

There are limited dates and times available and if you are unable to attend, it will give someone else an opportunity to  sign-up and test.  You can also check OSP and NTN's website for future ORPAT dates and times. 

 Question: When is the next test scheduled for Recruit Trooper? 

Our next scheduled ORPAT testing dates can be found under the Trooper Testing information tab of this website. 


Question: Do I have to come to Oregon to take the written and physical test?

OSP has partnered with the National Testing Network (NTN) which offers the Frontline Law Enforcement written, reading, and video exam in multiple states around the U.S.

You can sign up to take the test with them at a facility closest to your location. However, you will need to travel to Oregon to take the Oregon Physical Abilities Test. 

It is offered through NTN or through OSP. Times, dates, and locations are posted on the NTN website and our Recruiting website under Trooper Testing information.  


Laterals are also expected to take the NTN and the physical (ORPAT). We will have the ORPAT, the California Psychological Inventory, and Personal History Questionnaire offered to those who would like to take them together at our facility located at 4190 Aumsville Hwy SE, Salem, OR 97317.

Laterals will be asked to come back to Oregon for a Command Interview. If the lateral is offered a conditional job offer with our agency, we ask that they plan on staying for a couple of extra days to get all their paperwork signed, psychological and medical examinations done, and meet up with stock room and vest fitting personnel.

Lateral out-of-state applicants should plan for a minimum of three trips to Oregon.

 Question: Applicant is currently in the military with an anticipated separation date of more than one year.  When should the applicant begin the process? 

It is generally best to begin the process within one year prior to separation.

 Question: If I apply with the Oregon State Police and put down Bend as my preferred station, will I get it? 
 Answer: Not at this time. Bend, Madras, and Prineville are highly sought out locations and currently do not have any patrol or Fish and Wildlife vacancies.   
 Question: Applicant is currently a law enforcement officer with another agency (in-state or out-of-state). Does OSP accept lateral transfers?

Yes. Laterals must perform and pass the Front Line Law Enforcement Exam, ORPAT, Background, Psychological and medical exams. If a lateral is from out-of-state, they will be required to also pass a two week PCOD, Police Career Officer Development Course, after they finish their Pre-Academy.

If the lateral does not pass the PCOD test at the end of the two week period they will be required to go through DPSST's 16 week Basic Academy.    

 Question: If the applicant is offered employment, will he/she be able to pick a worksite?

The Applicants will be given an opportunity to list their top five (5) choices or indicate they are willing to work anywhere. 

The Department attempts to match applicant preferences with the existing vacancies. 

With the amount of openings currently available, most offices have openings. However, the department will fill the critical fill areas first.

 Question: If selected, how soon will applicants know their assignment? 

Applicants are given station assignments when they receive their conditional job offer.  

This notification occurs after the last day of Command Interviews, approximately 4- 6 weeks prior to starting recruit school.

 Question: What is the Recruit Academy like?

The Oregon State Police Recruit Pre-Academy is a para-military style academy. 

The Pre-Academy is approximately 4-6 weeks. It is a live in academy with room and board and all meals supplied. 

During this time, recruits will have the majority of their weekends off with the exception to their first weekend.

The day the recruit steps foot into Pre-Academy is the day they begin working for the Oregon State Police.

Recruits need to prepare for a physically and mentally demanding experience.  Recruits will learn the importance of  "attention to detail" while operating as a team.  

For more information on the Oregon State Police Recruit Pre-Academy head to www.osptrooper.com and check out our Recruit Gallery.

 Question: Are relocation expenses paid? 

No. Not for entry level recruits or laterals.  Upon promotion to Sergeant, relocation assistance is possible. 


 Question: What does the NTN written test consist of?

The National Testing Network (NTN) consists of three test which include a written, reading, and video. The passing scores to move forward are as follows:

Written - 70%, Reading - 70$, Video - 65%

The NTN Frontline Law Enforcement Exam currently cost $45.00 to take.

NTN has a Law Enforcement practice test that you can sign up and take for only $24.95 located on their website.

What can I do to prepare for a career with OSP?

Be prepared to take the ORPAT and NTN Frontline Law Enforcement Exam. You can find that information on this website.

Thoroughly browse the OSP website and get acquainted with all of our divisions within our agency.

Ask Sworn Applicant Processing about ride-a-long opportunities. Make sure to do ride-a-longs at different times of the days with different Troopers and different offices.

Does OSP have an upper age limit?

No, minimum age is 21 year old for law enforcement officers in the state of Oregon and there is no maximum age providing that the applicant can pass the physical fitness requirements and meet medical requirements as per OAR 259-008-000. 


 Question: What are the medical disqualifications?

OSP uses the DPSST F-2 medical qualifications for police officers as per OAR 259-008-000. 

Click here http://www.oregon.gov/DOC/HR/r_med_stand.shtml for the medical requirements.

Question: Are tattoos allowed?

Yes, as long as they are not offensive to the public.





Updated: 08/25/2017