As of April 1, 2007 the Oregon Fire Code has changed. The 2007 Oregon Fire Code (based on the 2006 International Fire Code with Oregon amendments) became effective April 1, 2007.
The following chapters and appendices are Oregon amendments only:
Chapter 1: Administration
Chapter 2: Definitions
Chapter 3: General precautions against fire 
Chapter 4: Emergency planning and preparedness
Chapter 5: Fire service features
Chapter 6: Building services and systems
Chapter 7: Fire-resistance-rated construction
Chapter 8: Interior finish, decorative materials and furnishings
Chapter 9: Fire protection systems
Chapter 10: Means of egress
Chapter 11: Aviation facilities
Chapter 14: Fire safety during construction and demolition
Chapter 17: Fumigation and thermal insecticidal fogging
Chapter 18: Semiconductor fabrication facilities
Chapter 22: Motor fuel-dispensing facilities and repair garages
Chapter 24: tents, canopies, and other membrane structures
Chapter 27: Hazardous material-General Provisions
Chapter 30: Compressed gasses
Chapter 32: Cryogenic fluids
Chapter 33: Explosives and fireworks
Chapter 34: Flammable and combustible liquids
Chapter 38: Liquefied petroleum gases
Appendix B: Fire-flow requirements for buildings
Appendix C: Fire hydrant locations and distribution
Appendix D: Fire apparatus access roads
Appendix H: Fire Prevention guidelines for haunted houses and similar temporary installations
Appendix I: Adult foster homes
Appendix K: Reserved for future use
Appendix L: Vehicle fueling at airport sites
Appendix [B] Appendix SR: Group SR-Special (assisted self-preservation) occupancies
2007 Oregon Fire Code Mid-Cycle Amendments