IMT Forms


Delegation of Authority

Release of Delegation


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Participating Agency Checklist

PIO Quick Facts



Structural Triage:

Structural Protection Checklist

Checklist Instructions

Structural Protection Plan




Evacuation Levels

Level 1 Notice

Level 2 Notice

Level 3 Notice


ICS Forms:

201 - Incident Briefing Word PDF
202 - Incident Objectives​​ Word PDF
203 - Organizational Assignments​​ Word PDF
204 - Assignment List​ Word PDF
205 - Communications Plan​ Word PDF
205a - Communications List​ Word PDF
206 - Medical Plan​ Word PDF
207 - Org Chart​ Word PDF
​208 - Safety Message Word PDF
209 - Status Summary​ Word PDF
210 - Resource Status Change​ Word PDF
211 - Incident Check-In List​ Word PDF
​212 - Demob Vehicle Inspection Word PDF
214 - Unit Log​ Word PDF
215 - Operational Planning Worksheet​ Word PDF
215a - Safety Analysis​ Word PDF
219 - T-cards​ Word PDF
​220 - Air Ops Summary Word PDF
221 - Demob Check-Out​ Word PDF
230 - Daily Meetings Schedule​ Word PDF



Dignitary Visit Considerations

Planning Section Outputs


GISS Product Menu



Strategy Meeting Agenda



Cost Estimate Worksheet 



Engine Company/Crew Evaluation

Strike Team/Task Force Evaluation

Overhead Team Member Evaluation



Thank You Request Form

Incident Close Out Form



Link to NWCC MAC Forms (IPW,Conference Call Template)