Codes & Technical Services
Codes & Technical Services

Code Amendment Proposal Application​
Applications for Aboveground tank plan review shall be submitted on specified form:
Flammable Combustible Liquid Application (fillable)​
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Application (fillable)

Community Right to Know
Community Right to Know
The Community Right to Know (CR2K) website provides infromation about hazardous substances stored across the state and the requirements to report in Oregon.

CR2K Information Request Form
The information collected through the CR2K program is provided to emergency responders and emergency planners to assist them with hazardous materials pre-emergency planning and response. The information is also available to the general public in order to aid in familiarity with the hazardous materials in their communities. CR2K also provides information pertaining to hazardous substance incidents across the state.


Analytics & Intelligence Unit
Data Request Form
Fire Agency Contact Updates Form
Fire Agency Updates Form
Fire Casualty Report Form (Must be sent within 24 hours.) 
Fire Defense Board Contact Updates Form​​​
Fire Incident Report Request
NFIRS Field Form 
NFIRS Paper Forms (All Modules)
Oregon Local Fire Agency Profile Form
Training Request Form
Youth Fire Prevention and Intervention Form
Emergency Mobilizations
Conflagration Request Form PDF Word
Task Force/Strike Team Forms:
Task Force / Strike Team Resource Form PDF Word
Task Force / Strike Team Apparatus Form PDF Word
Structural Protection Checklist
ICS 214: Unit Log PDF Word
ICS 212: Demobilization Vehicle Safety Inspection PDF Word​
Engine Company / Crew Performance Eval PDF Word
Task Force After Action Review
OSFM can provide all forms (including Resource Manifests) and documents in hard copy. Please contact Mariah Rawlins at​
Fire & Life Safety Services - (Field Deputies, Code & Technical Services, Healthcare)

Fire & Life Safety Services​
Licensed Facility Referral for Fire Safety Inspection FILLABLE


Fire & Life Safety Education
Home Fire Safety:
Fire Prevention and Safety Materials Order Form​
Training and Events:
Training and Event Requests

Incident Management Teams:​​
Agency Rep Information Collection
​​Damage Inspection Report
Delegation of Authority
Dignitary Visit Consideration Checklist
Engine / Company Crew Evaluation
Evacuation Level 1 Notice
Evacuation Level 2 Notice
Evacuation Level 3 Notice
GIS Product Menu
Incident Close-Out Form
Nine Line Medical Incident Form
Overhead Team Member Evaluation
Participating Agency Checklist
Planning Section Output Checklist
Release of Delegation
Safety After-Accident Summary
Structural Protection Checklist
Strike Team / Task Force Evaluation
Thank You Request Form
Incident Command System Forms:
ICS 201:  Incident Briefing PDF Word
ICS 202:  Incident Objectives PDF Word
ICS 203:  Organizational Assignments PDF Word
ICS 204:  Assignment List PDF Word
ICS 205:  Communications Plan PDF Word
ICS 205a:  Communications List PDF Word
ICS 206:  Medical Plan PDF Word
ICS 207:  Org Chart PDF Word
ICS 208:  Safety Message PDF Word
ICS 209:  Status Summary PDF Word
ICS 210:  Resource Status Change PDF Word
ICS 211:  Incident Check in List PDF Word
ICS 214:  Unit Log PDF Word
ICS 215:  Operational Planning Worksheet PDF Word
ICS 215a:  Safety Analysis PDF Word
ICS 219:  T cards PDF Word
ICS 220:  Air Ops Summary PDF Word
ICS 221:  Demob Check out PDF Word
ICS 230:  Daily Meeting Schedule PDF Word
Team Applications:
Incident Commander & Deputy IC PDF Word
Incident Safety Officer PDF Word
Line Safety Officer PDF Word
Incident Information Officer PDF Word
Law Enforcement Officer PDF Word
Operations Section Chief & Deputy Ops PDF Word
Division / Group Supervisor PDF Word
Planning Section Chief & Deputy Plans PDF Word
Resource Unit Leader PDF Word
Geographic Information Systems Specialist PDF Word
Logistics Section Chief & Deputy PDF Word
Communications Unit Leader & Assistant PDF Word
Communications Technician PDF Word
Finance Section Chief PDF Word
OSFM can provide all forms (including Resource Manifests) and documents in hard copy. Please contact Mariah Rawlins at


License & Permits
Cardlock Facility Regulations Brochure
Cardlock Facility License Application
Weekly Site Inspection Worksheet
Fuel Purchase Report
Magazine Relocation Form
Agricultural Fireworks:
Agricultural Fireworks Permit Application
Agricultural Fireworks Permit Brochure
Limited Fireworks 1.4g fireworks:
Limited Operator Certification Application
Limited Operator Certification Brochure
Limited Fireworks Display Permit Application
Limited Fireworks Display Permit Application Brochure
General Fireworks 1.3g:
General Operator Certification Examination Application
General Operator Certification Application
General Operator Certification Brochure
General Fireworks Display Permit Application
General Fireworks Display Permit Brochure
General Fireworks Display Fireworks Report Blank
Special Effects Display:
Special Effects Fireworks Display Permit Application
Special Effects Display Brochure
Retail Fireworks Sales:
Retail Fireworks Sales Permit Application
Retail Fireworks Sales Permit Brochure
Retail Sales Stand/Tent Inspection Form
Retail Sales Stand/Tent Inspection Brochure
Return of Unsold Retail Fireworks Form
Wholesale Fireworks Sales:
Wholesale Fireworks Permit Application
Wholesale Fireworks Permit Brochure
Current Licensed Fireworks Wholesalers (this one is asked for a lot!)
Liquefied Petroleum Gas License Requirements Brochure
Liquefied Petroleum Gas License Examination Application
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Company License (new company only)
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Fitter & Truck Equipment Operator License Application
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Notice of Installation of Tank Summary Sheet
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tank Installation Notice Form
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Underground Tank Installation Worksheet (required for underground only)
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Notice of Installation of LPG Containers for Utilization as Motor Fuel
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Application to Install LPG Containers (Over 2,000 gallons)

Regional Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Teams Forms
Computer Policy
Travel Expense Detail Sheet
Flight Arrangement Form
POV Approval Form
Incident Packet​
FireBridge Incident Guidance Manual​
Mileage Log​
Telephone Log​​
Equipment Purchase Request​
Request for Training PDF
Task Book
Task Book Reporting Form
Training Evaluation PDF​
OSFM can provide all forms and documents in hard copy. Please contact Jamie Kometz at​.​
Youth Fire Prevention & Intervention​
Youth Fire Prevention and Intervention Form (formerly known as 10J)
Emergency Evacuation Drill Record