The Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM) annually requests information from the state's local fire agencies. The purpose in collecting this information is multifold. In addition to ensuring the OSFM has the most accurate and current contact information for each agency, the collection of this information also permits aggregate data on Oregon's fire service to be compiled. This type of information is often essential when seeking grants. Other organizations and agencies from the local to the federal level, as well as agencies from other countries often seek this aggregated information for the purpose of advancing the role of the fire service.

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To view the current: FDID List By Name​.

To view previous year profile information: Appendix 2 & 3.

FDID​​ ​​This is the Fire Department ID. It is a four-digit number that OSFM uses to identify fire departments. It will begin with a 0.
Main Station Phone This is the number that will be posted on the OSFM website as the contact number for your agency. DO NOT provide home phones or cell phones if you do not want the number published for general public access.​
Agency Email This should be a publicly accessible email address used to send messages regarding your agency. DO NOT provide a personal email address if you do not want the email address published for general public access.  
Agency Website The OSFM website will provide a link to this website address.
Population of Service Area Your county assessor may have this information.
Square Miles is Service Area This is the total square miles for which your agency is responsible for providing service, including any contract jurisdictions and Ambulance Service Areas for which you have responsibility.
Estimated No. of One and Multi Family dwellings within service area How many single-family or multi-family homes in your service area. This includes houses, apartments, condos, etc. The purpose is to identify how many actual residences there are in your jurisdiction. Your county assessor may have this information.
ISO Class The rating your agency last received from ISO. There may be more than one. Separate multiple scores with a '/' Example: 5/7 or 5/8/10.
Year last graded Enter four digit year, i.e., 2007, of your agency's most recent grading by ISO.
True Cash Value of Service Area This is the estimated cost to replace all structures, etc. if a theoretical fire were to consume the entire service area. Your county assessor may have this information.
Agency Type A Municipal department is part of a city government governed by a city council; Districts include all special districts governed by a publicly elected board of directors; and so forth.
Staff Part-time employees should be counted as career/paid staff. Firefighters should include staff that respond to emergency scenes and perform fire suppression and or rescue functions, including firefighter/EMT's and command staff. EMTs/Paramedics should include staff that function in ONLY that capacity and NOT as firefighters. Other staff includes anyone that is a member of the agency not listed as a firefighter or EMT/Paramedic.
Questions If you have questions about completing this survey, please contact the OSFM Analytics & Intelligence Unit at (503) 934-8250 or toll free at 877-588-8787. You can also contact us by email at: