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Pest Control

Pest Control Use Fireworks Permit Overview

A pest control fireworks permit allows pest control fireworks to be used for the purpose of scaring away or repelling birds or animals that are injurious or destructive to the following types of properties: farms, forests, waste and recycling facilities, airports, golf courses, properties used for the production of commercially valuable fish or seafood, estuaries, or properties located outside of an incorporated city. A pest control fireworks permit is valid until the expiration date of the permit unless it is revoked or suspended for a violation of ORS 480.110 through 480.165 of OAR Chapter 837, Division 12 as adopted by the State Fire Marshal. To apply for a pest control fireworks permit, applicants are required to complete a pest control fireworks permit application and submit it to the OSFM. There is no fee for this permit.
Please note the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) regulates individuals purchasing and storing agricultural fireworks. Businesses and their employees or individuals will need to obtain an appropriate license through the BATFE.
The BATFE may be contacted by phone at 503 331-7830, or their website at: ATF 

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Pest Control Fireworks Licensed Wholesalers

Licensed pest control fireworks wholesalers listed below are licensed until 12/31/17.


Homeland Fireworks Inc

Jamieson, OR

Phone: 541.473.2717


Tannerite Explosives

Pleasant Hill, OR

Phone: 541.521.3054


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Pest Control Fireworks Permit Fee

 No fee for this permit
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