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Metal Transportation Certificate
Every community around the state has been impacted by metal theft.  The 2009 Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill (SB) 570 to address the continuing metal theft problem throughout our state. The 2010 Legislature passed House Bill (HB) 3695 which modified the existing SB 570. A number of changes were made to ORS 133.619, 161.005, 164.095, 165.107, 423.565, 646A.060, and 646A.062 is amended.  SB 570 addresses the following:
  • Defines key terms including “scrap metal business”, “commercial metal property”, “metal property”, “transaction”, etc.
  • Creates new crimes of Unlawfully Altering Metal Property, Making a False Statement of a Metal Property Record, and Unlawfully Purchasing or Receiving Metal Property
  • Creates new crime for Unlawfully Transporting Metal Property and outlines metal transportation certificate requirements
  • Requires scrap metal businesses to cooperate with law enforcement and to separate, tag and hold property they suspect is lost or stolen
  • Requires scrap metal businesses to create and maintain purchase records for one year
  • Provides exemptions from the requirement for recyclers of beverage containers or metal food containers, auto dealers, towers and dismantlers who do not purchase, receive or transport private metal property
  • Increases the sentence for Theft in the First Degree or Aggravated Theft in the First Degree when damage to property as the result of the theft involves a “disproportionate impact”
  • A creation of a written plan of action by each county District Attorney ensuring effective communication between law enforcement and the business community

Most Commonly Asked Questions and Language Clarification
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Scrap Metal Buyers / Dealers 
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Metal Transportation Certificate
SB 570 created a new crime for “Unlawfully Transporting Metal Property” if a person transports metal property on a public highway or on premises open to the public with the intent to deliver the metal property to a scrap metal business and the person does not have a metal transportation certificate in their possession.  “Unlawfully Transporting Metal Property” is a Class C misdemeanor.
For transporting metal download and complete the Metal Transportation Certificate 
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