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There is a mandate for all Oregon fire agencies to report all fire-related fatalities out within 24 hours. Please visit and fill in our Fire Fatality Reporting Form.

​If you are one of the following:

  • Daycare Center
  • Health Care Facility
  • Children’s Residential Facility
  • Adult Foster Home
  • Assisted Living Facility
  • Residential Care Facility

View the License Inspection Request form instructions​.
Complete the online fillable inspection request.
Email the completed form to the Oregon State Fire Marshal office.  Please include LICENSE INSPECTION within the subject line at
This will be assigned to a local Fire Department or OSFM Deputy. 

* For additional questions contact your licensing agent at DHS/OHA/ODE
Here is a summary of the Fire Service Authority to inspect, as assistants to State Fire Marshal under ORS 476.060 and OAR 837-039-0070  Inspection Authority.pdf

​​Moving of an explosives storage magazine must be reported to the Office of State Fire Marshal by the owner or user who has physical possession and/or control of the magazine. The report must be made within 24 hours of moving the magazine. Relocation of a magazine is defined as moving a magazine any distance. The following information must be reported to the toll free explosives hotline or email.  Both federal and state regulations require companies and individuals to advise their local fire authority of explosives storage on the day it begins.
When calling the explosives hotline, include the following information about the magazine moved:

  • Date Magazine Moved
  • Certificate of Registration Number or ATF Number Issued to Magazine
  • Company Reporting Relocation
  • Person Reporting Relocation
  • Phone Number of Person Reporting
  • Email of Person Reporting
  • Old Location of the Magazine including the street address, city, state and county
  • New Location of Magazine including the street address, city, state and county
  • If changing companies or users, report the new company and users

The Office of State Fire Marshal no longer issues certificates of possession and magazine registrations.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Explosives (BATFE) will continue to regulate all laws pertaining to the acquisition, distribution, and storage of explosives. Any individuals who do not currently possess a federal license or permit who intend to manufacture, import, distribute, or acquire explosive materials, or any individuals or businesses seeking to renew a certificate of possession or magazine registration, should contact the BATFE.

We conduct life safety code surveys of long term care facilities, hospitals, hospices, end stage renal disease (dialysis) facilities, and ambulatory surgical centers (outpatient facilities) that receive funding from Medicaid and Medicare programs (CMS).

Compliance Surveyors specializing in health care surveys conduct these surveys; long term care facilities are annually surveyed while other facility types are upon request by Oregon's Department of Human Services or the Oregon Healthy Authority Public Health Division. 

Division Manager
Chad Hawkins, Assistant Chief Deputy

Supervising Deputy State Fire Marshal
Amber Cross

LSC Compliance Surveyors
Matthew Rodriquez, Compliance Specialist​

Mark Crawford, Compliance Specialist

Shawna Fenison, Compliance Specialist​

​We issue,permits to sell for retail and wholesale, for general, limited, special effects and pest control or agriculture related.  We issue certifications to operators to conduct a display. Visit our Fireworks Page for more detail.

​We issue exams and licenses for doing propane work: We also inspect Liquefied Petroleum Gas tanks and locations.  Visit our LPG page for more detail.

This program includes aboveground storage tank installation plan reviews for three types of tanks. 

  1. FCL (Flammable Combustible Liquid) are tank reviews of liquid fuels: gasoline and diesel. At this time, there is no fee associated with this review.
  2. Gas are container reviews of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and butane. There is a $100 plan review fee per OAR 837-030-0235.
  3. Compressed gas: CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). 

Review more details.​

The Nonretail Fueling (Cardlock) Program is the licensing and regulation for commercial fuel dispensing of Class 1 flammable fuels. In specific situations, qualified customers are allowed to dispense gasoline at licensed cardlock facilities. The program is funded through cardlock license and customer fees.  

Visit our Cardlock Fueling Page for more details.

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