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Deputy State Fire Marshals

There are 26 Deputy State Fire Marshals and three supervisors located throughout the state. 
Deputy State Fire Marshals' responsibilities include:
  • Conducting statewide inspections of schools and correctional facilities, reviewing building plans for fire department access and water supply and providing code consultations. By state statute, Deputy State Fire Marshal's may inspect any structure, except private residences.
  • Conducting fire investigations to determine fire origin and cause, and determine if the fire was the result of carelessness or design. Deputies also deliver presentations of investigation protocols and evidence preservation to members of the fire service statewide.
  • Delivering training to fire service members on basic fire investigation, scope of authority, and fire department access and water supply. Training with fire agencies fosters lines of communication and consistent practices among Oregon fire officials.
  • Providing expertise to local jurisdictions, counties, and state agencies on cases involving juvenile fire setters and assisting juvenile justice personnel in providing appropriate intervention resources.


Fire and Life Safety
3565 Trelstad Ave SE
Salem, OR 97317
Phone: 503-934-8256​​

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