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Incident Report Quality Control

In conducting quality control checks of Oregon’s fire incident data OSFM discovered incidents that need corrected or further defined.

This report will list calls where an Action Taken Code: 841 - Canceled on-scene, 93 - Canceled en route, or 931 - Dispatched and canceled prior to going en route. 

Per the Incident Narrative, some of these calls will need reviewed and corrected.

Note: 841 - Canceled on-scene (can only be turned over to other authorities or agencies such as the police or another fire agency). Core code 84 - Refer to proper authority.

This report list calls where Incident Type Code: 571 - Cover assignment, standby, move-up is used with the incomplete Action Taken Code: 90 - Fill-in Standby, other. This Action Taken Code is not a complete or viable code and needs corrected with either of the following complete Action Taken Codes:
  • 91 - Fill-in or move up
  • 92 - Standby

This report list any incident that have dates in the future listed as the incident date.

This report list any incidents that have arrival dates listed in the future.

This report list any incidents that have last unit clear dates listed in the future.

This report lists calls where an Incident Type Code, Other and/or Actions Taken Code, Other is used. These calls need reviewed and further defined, as the other codes are series headers.

In an effort to keep the state’s incident data as complete and accurate as possible and to ensure your data makes it to the NFIRS which is needed to apply for grants, please review and correct calls as soon as possible.  

If you have questions or need assistance with correcting your incident report(s) please contact the Analytics & Intelligence Unit at 503-934-8250.


​​Analytics & Intelligence Unit
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Phone: 503-934-8250
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