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OSFM Grants

The 2021 Oregon Legislative Assembly passed Senate Bill 762, Oregon's comprehensive wildfire preparedness and resiliency bill. SB762 implements new programs, mandates, and strategies that are changing Oregon's approach to wildfire response, preparedness, and resiliency. It provides funds to bolster response and community risk reduction projects. As grant opportunities become available, they will be available here. 

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Community Wildfire Risk Reduction Program Educational Webinar recording

Open Grants

No current grant openings.

Implementation Phase Grants

Oregon Fire Service Capacity Program

The Oregon Fire Service Capacity Program is intended for small- to medium-sized agencies that need an increase in permanent firefighter positions and fire prevention staff. This competitive grant opportunity is available to Oregon's local fire districts and departments. Local fire agencies may apply for funds to support up to two firefighters and two fire prevention personnel.

This funding will increase local on-duty capacity throughout the next three years; allow agencies to quickly mobilize to fires at the local, regional, and state (conflagration) levels; and better prepare communities to survive wildfires. More on-duty firefighters will help keep fires small before they can impact communities. Additional fire prevention staff will give fire agencies the expertise and knowledge to make their communities safer and reduce risk.

Applications closed November 30, 2022.

Engine program

This program will purchase and strategically place new firefighting equipment across the state. The OSFM is purchasing type 3, type 6, and tactical tenders intended to assist local host agencies with keeping fires small and away from communities. For more info or to apply, click here. Applications closed October 28, 2022.

Past Grants

2021 Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Assistance Grant

In January 2021, the Oregon Legislature Emergency Board granted approximately $2 million to the OSFM for distribution to the Oregon fire service. This funding is available to the Oregon fire service as a grant. The objective of the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Assistance grant program is to improve the capacity and capability of fire protection districts and fire departments across Oregon. These jurisdictions protect Oregon communities and play a pivotal role in the prevention and suppression of wildland fires in the WUI. The WUI assistance grant is administered as a pass-through award. The grant is intended for fire agencies with priority for those impacted by the 2020 fire season, along with underrepresented and underserved communities, although all Oregon fire jurisdictions are eligible to receive funding.  

For more information visit: WUI Grant

2022 Wildfire Season Staffing Grant

As part of the OSFM's Response Ready Oregon Initiative, an initial investment of $4 million in grant funding is available to Oregon's 306 local fire districts and departments to bring on additional staff during the 2022 wildfire season. Local fire agencies can request up to $35,000 to support staffing. Agencies can use the grant funding to expand capacity using the current district or department staffing model and pay scale.  

The OSFM reached the $6 million threshold available for the grant; applications are now closed. We are excited to see these funds used to expand local firefighting capacity to help keep fires small this season.

Defensible Space Incentive Grant for Schools and Hospitals

The Defensible Space Improvement (DSI grant) opened earlier this year to provide funding to Oregon's public or private schools, universities, and hospitals with an opportunity to perform either ember intrusion mitigation and/or surface area debris mitigation around their properties. 

Thanks to all who applied for the DSI grant; it is now closed.

Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness Grant Program