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Wildfire Initiatives

The 2021 Oregon Legislative Assembly passed Senate Bill 762, Oregon's comprehensive wildfire preparedness and resiliency bill. The bill is grounded in the three tenets of the national cohesive wildfire strategy. SB762 implements new programs, mandates, and strategies to change Oregon's approach to response, preparedness, and resiliency to wildfire.

  • Creating fire-adapted communities
  • Developing safe and effective wildfire response
  • Increasing the resiliency of Oregon's landscapes
The law codified wildfire prevention, risk reduction, and emergency response programs for the Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM). As a result, the OSFM launched two initiatives to frame the office's work to change the wildfire paradigm in Oregon.

Fire Adapted Oregon

Fire Adapted Oregon is designed to prepare communities for wildfire through local community projects and investments in community action. The initiative is grounded in statewide data, science, and new defensible space codes. 

The initiative will be grounded in the community risk reduction framework. The CRR framework can be visualized in five (5) Es with questions to consider when planning local projects or work:
  • Emergency Response: Could adding or enhancing emergency services improve community safety?
  • Economic Incentives: Could economic incentives or penalties encourage safer behavior?
  • Education: Would altering Oregonian's knowledge, attitudes, and awareness related to their risks impacts their behaviors?
  • Enforcement: Could passing, strengthening, or enforcing laws and rules impact risks?
  • Engineering: Are there technology solutions such as products or materials that could help reduce risk?
The OSFM designed this program under a unit that will provide training, planning and technical assistance, and access to data and strategic investment funding resources to reduce wildfire risks at the local level. The OSFM has seven (7) regional fire risk reduction specialists (FRRSs) to work with local partners to create and promote fire-adapted communities in Oregon. These FRRSs will be the regional contact for fire chiefs and local partners on community risk reduction needs. 

Response Ready Oregon

To meet the growing challenge of wildfire in the wildland-urban interface, the OSFM launched Response Ready Oregon, hiring seven regional mobilization coordinators. These RMCs will be the local contact for fire chiefs on local response needs. For an interactive map with their contact, click here. Their job is to collaborate with Fire Defense Board chiefs and local fire chiefs to develop, administer, and maintain strategies and plans to improve the Oregon fire mutual aid system. 

Listening and Understanding Sessions

The programs OSFM supports depend on collaboration with our stakeholders and Oregonians. Our office is grounded in developing and maintaining services that reflect and serve Oregon. Our staff achieves this in multiple ways, and one is hosting listening and understanding opportunities. These are facilitated discussions to gather feedback from all of our partners. 
To access those reports, click here.


As part of OSFM's work, the office provides updates on its progress twice a year. Each report is listed below for download.