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Wildfire in Oregon

In 2021, the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 762, a comprehensive wildfire preparedness and resiliency bill to help Oregon be better prepared to meet increased wildfire threat. This legislation provided funding and guidance to state agencies, including the Office of State Fire Marshal.  

The law codified wildfire prevention, risk reduction, and emergency response programs for the OSFM. We launched two initiatives, a defensible space program, and grant funding opportunities to frame the office's work to change the wildfire paradigm in Oregon.

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Preparing Oregonians

Solving the issue of wildfire will take an extensive and collaborative effort from state and local governments. Response and preparedness efforts need to be in concert with Oregonians. There are several things that people can do to improve their home’s resilience to wildfire and help their communities.  

Changing how we interact with fire in a safer manner can help even before a fire sparks. The OSFM held several educational webinars to help Oregonians adapt to living with wildfire. We also offer a plethora of wildfire prevention tips and training opportunities to move us all toward the end goal of a safer Oregon for all. 

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Listening and Understanding Tours

The programs the OSFM supports depend on collaboration with our stakeholders and Oregonians. Our office is grounded in developing and maintaining services that reflect and serve Oregon. Our staff achieves this in multiple ways; one is hosting listening and understanding opportunities. These are facilitated discussions to gather feedback from all our partners. To access those reports, click here. 

Senate Bill 762 Partners

To rise to the challenge wildfire poses to Oregonians, several state agencies are working in coordination to tackle the issue. The goal of these efforts is to give people the tools and knowledge to be better protected against wildfire.

Click the images below to explore and learn more about what each agency is doing.

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