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Oregon Safety Assessment Program (OrSAP)

Summary of HB 2206 – Oregon Safety Assessment Program

On August 9, 2019, Governor Brown signed House Bill 2206, which directs the State Fire Marshal to develop and administer a statewide program to evaluate the condition of buildings after an emergency and determine whether the buildings may be safely occupied. The approved measure directs the State Fire Marshal to implement a statewide registry of local program coordinators, certified building evaluators, and approved trainers to conduct such safety assessments. The bill also allows local governments to enter into agreements with private contractors to conduct building occupancy safety inspections following an emergency. Lastly, HB 2206 grants the State Fire Marshal rulemaking authority to administer and implement provisions of measure.



Program Development to Date

Since the bill was signed, Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM) staff have begun to research program guidelines and learn more about successes achieved in programs established in neighboring states California and Washington. To ensure close alignment with federal recommendations, staff have also been reviewing the recently released Post-disaster Building Safety Evaluation Guidance: Report on the Current State of Practice, including Recommendations Related to Structural and Nonstructural Safety and Habitability.



Oregon Safety Assessment Program (OrSAP)
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House Bill 2206