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Public Record Requests and Custom Reports

To request public records of hazardous substance information reported by a facility, please complete the public records request form. Include details of the information you are requesting and the format you wish to receive the report. We can provide these reports to you in PDF, Excel, or CVS format by email, mail, or fax.

Public Records Request Form: PDF or Word

Sensitive Reports

Sensitive information includes hazardous substances with a hazard classification of explosive, radioactive, poisonous, etiological, or biological. This information is not available through CHS Manager but can be released through a records request. It requires verification of your identity and must be specifically requested.

Confidential Reports

Certain information reported by facilities is confidential in compliance with ORS 453.332(4) and not released to the public. It is available to first responders and other agencies for emergency planning and preparedness.
Confidential information includes:
  • Exact amount of hazardous substances stored (this information is provided to the public in ranges)
  • Storage location of hazardous substances
Community Right to Know
Hazardous Substance Hotlines
503-378-6835 or 800-454-6125