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Smoke Alarm Installation Program for Fire Agencies

The purpose of the Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM) Smoke Alarm Installation Program (SAIP) is to provide smoke alarms to Oregon fire agencies to install in residences that are unprotected.

  • Fire agency must have a fire department identification (FDID) number. If you are unsure of your FDID number, please email
  • Provide the fire agency service area population information to the OSFM.
  • Must be in good standing with previous OSFM smoke alarm installation projects.
  • Must be National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) compliant:
    • Cannot be missing more than one month of fire incident data over the previous 12 month period.
    • Must report responses to all fire incidents.
    • Failure to report incident data for at least a year after approval will result in ineligibility for future projects.
  • Applicant must complete training on the program. If you need to take the training send an email to with the subject "SAIP Training" to make arrangements.
  • Submit a smoke alarm installation program application (see below).
    • Approval or denial email sent by the OSFM within 10 business days.
  • Install smoke alarms within 45 days of receipt of alarms.
    • If you have any remaining alarms after 60 days contact the OSFM.
  • Complete an installation/waiver form for each residence where smoke alarms are installed.
    • Submit completed forms to the OSFM within 60 days of receipt of smoke alarms.
  • When the project is complete, you may apply again.

The maximum number of smoke alarms that can be ordered per project is based on fire district population (see chart below).

Fire District Population Smoke Alarm Request
25 - 9,999 1 - 25
10,000 - 49,999 1 - 50
50,000 - 99,999 1 - 75
100,000+ 1 - 100
**If you currently have an open project, please wait until you receive a closure email before applying for a new project.**



Fire and Life Safety Education Division

Fire and Life Safety Education Hotline

Mailing Address:
Office of State Fire Marshal
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