Occupational Therapy Licensing Board

Oregon Common Credentialing Program Update

The Oregon Common Credentialing program was going to establish a database for credentialing organizations to access the information necessary to credential all health care practitioners in the state.   It was mandated by SB 604 from 2013.  The intention was to simplify the administrative process related to credentialing, reduce the burden on practitioners, and eliminate duplication for credentialing organizations.  

Who was going to be affected?

All licensed OTs that are required to be credentialed were mandated to use the Common Credentialing system. That means that if an OT received reimbursement from one or multiple insurance issuers, they would have been required to be credentialed with those insurers, and thus would have had to use the system to be credentialed/re-credentialed with them in the future. Additionally, if an OT worked at a hospital/health system that requires them to be credentialed and privileged, they would have also performed that process through the system once the Program was launched.  A one-time fee of $150 would have been assessed from the licensee.

However, on July 26, 2018 it was announced that they will suspend the program due to a budget shortfall and the lack of support by stakeholders.  The credentialing process will stay as it is.

For more information, visit this website:  https://www.oregon.gov/oha/HPA/OHIT-OCCP/Pages/index.aspx​​