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Wetland Monitoring and Assessment


Over the past century wetlands have been drained, filled, and otherwise impacted so that conserving and restoring remaining wetlands is a priority in many areas. Wetlands provide:

  • Crucial habitat for several fish, wildlife, and plant species.
  • Key ecological functions, including storm water retention and nutrient capture.
  • Ecosystem services such as improved water quality and reduced flooding.

Oregon has explored how to provide credits for restoring and/or maintaining ecosystem services to landowners. It is critical to develop a clearer understanding of the current status and condition of wetlands in order to continue addressing wetland restoration and mitigation actions.

Since 1997, OWEB has provided more than $18 million to wetland restoration projects throughout Oregon. The Department of State Lands (DSL) ensures that wetlands across Oregon, which may be impacted by permitted activities, are replaced by required wetland mitigation actions and that permit conditions are closely followed. However there is no comprehensive program for monitoring and assessing the condition and function of restored, enhanced, or mitigated wetlands in Oregon.

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