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Mountcrest Forest

Stream in Mountcrest  

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Pacific Forest Trust (PFT)

Project Overview

In December 2017, PFT purchased a conservation easement with funds that included $955,000 from OWEB. The conservation easement protects Mountcrest Forest, a 1,771-acre family-owned forest located on the east slope of Mt. Ashland, in Jackson County. Mountcrest Forest has been owned by the Parsons family for nearly 100 years. The conservation easement ensures that the property will be permanently conserved for fish and wildlife while remaining in private ownership.

Mountcrest Forest contains relatively old, diverse conifer and montane hardwood ecosystems that include fir, oak, madrone, and cedar trees, among other types of vegetation that are valuable to wildlife. Protection of the forest helps rare species such as Pacific fisher and northern spotted owl. Streams on the property benefit coho salmon and steelhead trout, and wetlands benefit western pond turtle. The site is particularly important to wildlife, because the land forms a wildlife bridge between the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest and the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument.

Under the conservation easement, the Parsons family will continue to harvest timber in a sustainable manner that protects and enhances habitats for native species and reduces the risk of catastrophic wildfire. The easement’s limits on timber removal ensure that additional carbon will be stored and maintained on the property over time, helping to reduce the effects of climate change.

For complete reports on this and other OWEB projects, please search OWEB's Grant Management System (OGMS).

People enjoying the view in MountcrestView from Mountcrest Meadow and trees in Mountcrest 

Photos courtesy of Pacific Forest Trust

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