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Request Payment

Before requesting a financial assistance payment, you must:

  1. Submit an FSFS application, and
  2. Sign and return a Grant Agreement from OWEB. A payment request form may be submitted with the signed Grant Agreement.

To request a financial assistance payment, download a Payment Request Form, save it to your computer, and fill in your information, documenting the period of use. To be eligible for financial assistance, costs must be incurred within the program period (June 1, 2020 through October 25, 2020). See the application for additional details on program dates for receipt eligibility.

Send your completed Payment Request Form along with all receipts and invoices by email to your OWEB Project Manager, or fax them to (503) 986-0199.

A request for a financial assistance payment is for reimbursement only and must indicate the start and end dates for the period of actual use. Requests cannot be submitted in advance of costs incurred. You can submit one request at the end of the 2020 harvest season or multiple requests as costs are incurred throughout the season. All FSFS financial assistance payment requests must be submitted by November 16, 2020.

For each FSFS project, total financial assistance for the 2020 harvest season is currently capped at $20,000 for housing and sanitation assistance combined, and $1,000 for transportation assistance, for a total of $21,000. This cap helps ensure that program funding is retained until October 25, 2020. You are encouraged to submit receipts and invoices for eligible expenses in excess of this cap. If funding remains at the end of the program, producers who have submitted claims in excess of the current program cap may be eligible for additional assistance (amount to be determined by available funds).

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