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Oregon Water Vision

Our Shared Vision

To address changes in climate and population dynamics, Oregon will steward its water resources to ensure clean and abundant water for our people, our economy, and our environment, now and for future generations. Strategic investments will result in resilient natural and built water systems across the state to support safe and healthy communities, vibrant local economies, and a healthy environment.



Secure, safe, accessible, and healthy water for current and future Oregonians.


Adequate and clean ground and surface water to support economic vitality for all Oregonians.


Adequate cool, clean water for native fish and wildlife to thrive, and healthy watersheds that can store and filter water naturally.


Resilient water supply and flood protection systems that can face natural hazards such as floods and drought.


Investing in Our Water Future

Water use diagram

Many areas of Oregon are known for clean and reliable water. This is due to both favorable climate and the infrastructure we built in the 19th and 20th centuries to effectively move water from its source to where it is used. As has been identified in Oregon’s Integrated Water Resources Strategy, 3 forces combine to place significant stress on Oregon’s water:

  1. Climate change and associated increases in fire, drought, and flooding;
  2. A half century of underinvestment in built and natural water infrastructure; and
  3. Our changing population and associated development – growing in some areas, shrinking in others.

These factors impact the quality and quantity of water for our communities, including water in our rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and aquifers. Simply put, if we are not willing to roll up our sleeves and work together to invest in our natural and built water systems, we place the safety of our communities, the health of our people and environment, and Oregon’s economic future at risk.


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